Starsky & Hutch Big Bang Challenge

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Name: Starsky & Hutch Big Bang Challenge
Date(s): 2011?
Moderator(s): dipslikeramon
Founder: dipslikeramon
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Associated Community:
URL: Starsky & Hutch Big Bang (LiveJournal)
Starsky & Hutch Big Bang banner from 2011; artist is uncredited on website.
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The Starsky & Hutch Big Bang Challenge was first proposed in 2010, with the first challenge being set in 2011.

Stories must be at least 12,000 words long to receive artwork or vids. All pairings and types are accepted (het, slash and RPS). Unlike other Big Bangs, the stories are expected to go through a basic "quality review" before being allowed to be published. According to the rules: "Starsky & Hutch Big Bang is an event wherein writers pen stories of at least 12,000 words. Artists do a transparent claim (meaning they know the author they are going to work with BEFORE they choose, not after), and together, artists and writers create a three dimensional delight for you, the reader, to enjoy. All writers may choose their own beta/editor/proofreaders or they may choose one of ours. Each story, when complete, will go through a simple grammar/punctuation proofread only. No story editing will be done by our group unless specifically asked by the author herself." [1] The inclusion of a panel of editors created some initial debate as the majority of Big Bang Challenges do not employ them.[2] Some fans pointed out that the the challenge had more a look and feel of an ezine while others disagreed. [3] In any event, the moderator ultimately decided to move ahead with the editorial and quality review concept using slightly less explicit wording.

Also, unlike other Big Bangs, no firm publication dates were set although the moderator indicated that she would time the challenge as if this was a pregnancy (a 9 month writing window). As of September 2011, the moderator has announced that due to RL issues, the Big Bang will be delayed.[4]

In January 2011, 22 writers, vidders and artists signed up (See story summaries). In addition, sc_fossil has made five video trailers advertising the challenge. (need links)


  1. S&H Big Bang Profile Page on Livejournal. This final version of the editing policies differs slightly from the original announcement in August 2010 which read: "S&H Big Bang is looking for a group of known, professional (not in as "getting paid for it", though that would be good, too) editors to join our group. You will be receiving the stories as they are sent in, first in rough draft form, and finally in finished form to do that voodoo that you do so well on them. We are asking you to receive rough diamonds and to apply the polishing cloth of your red pen to them to make sure that they are the absolute best that can be made from your suggestions. You also will be retaining a bit of control. If there is a story or stories in which you feel a silk purse, or a purse of ANY type, will never be made from this sow's ear, no matter how much work you have done with the writer in question, your words will go into strict consideration when it comes to the final acceptance of the story for final posting in October of 2011." Big Bang: Calling ALL Editors! dated August 6, 2010.
  2. "On the topic of "quality control" - the majority of Big Bangs are not subject to a final review process for quality. Grammar and other basic typos are handled by the betas. If, in the very rare case that a story still has typos or has grammar errors even after going through the beta process, then it is still posted (I know, I've seen them). The concept is to encourage participation with the assumption that most writers will correct typo and grammar issues if they're pointed out to them. So there is no need for a separate rule stating 'your work may not be posted if it contains too many uncorrected grammar errors/typos'. I personally suspect that a final behind the scenes quality check does go on in other Big Bangs, but they do not put it into their FAQ or make it part of the sign-up requirements. This may be where some of the of the confusion regarding the Starsky & Hutch Big Bang rules is coming from. In none of the Big Bangs are the artists or vidders subject to any form of beta-ing or quality controls or review." Excerpt from Big Bangs, Betas and "Quality Control" posted by Morgan Dawn to the Loveofmeeandthee mailing list November 23, 2010 (quoted here with permission).
  3. Big Bang: Calling ALL Editors! dated August 6, 2010.
  4. Big Bang Delay, posted August 6, 2011 ("Until I have some sort of life to put in order, this will not go forward as I have absolutely no spirit to attend to it. It WILL happen. It will only be delayed. I know not when, but should know better sometime this week."); No Launch Date Yet, posted September 13, 2011.