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2006 Stargate Atlantis fanfiction went through several phases. Overall, the lighthearted silliness of 2005 gave way to more reflective fanfiction.

Canon Synopsis

2006 began halfway through season two of SGA. To recap, the Atlantis expedition had been rescued in the eleventh hour, re-establishing regular ties with Earth. Ford fled, making barely a blip in the fanfiction world, while Ronon was found, and immediately embraced by many fans. Others though were unhappy with Ford's story line evoking stereotypes of black junkies, as well as Ronon's character, some so much so that they stopped watching. [1]. Thanks to some fine arm-twisting from Elizabeth, John Sheppard was reluctantly given the command of Atlantis over Colonel Caldwell. In fandom, Caldwell quickly replaced Sumner and Kolya as John's nemesis. Rodney had Cadman's consciousness stuck in his brain which resulted in him smooching Beckett, and the fans rejoiced.

2005's search for a ZPM and home gave way to a furtive game of cat and mouse with the Wraith and the Genii, as the cloaked Atlantis attempted to continue to explore, continue their trade contacts, while pretending "we're not here." Of course they were busted, though Elizabeth and Carson's meddling hurried it along, with the questionable ethics of turning a Wraith into a human.

It was a year of dumb and morally queasy decisions: Rodney blew up a solar system (spawning countless hurt/comfort fics), John got turned into a bug and kissed Teyla under the influence of the Iratus DNA (getting mixed reactions from John/Teyla fans [2]), John and Elizabeth foolishly let themselves get taken over by deadly aliens, Ford forced John's team to attack a hive ship, in a shivery case of scape-goating Elizabeth ordered the torture of Kavanagh… and then there was Michael. Oops. Turns out a Wraith is a sentient being. Season two ended with Atlantis in big trouble of their own making. There was precious little sympathy from the fans.

2006 ended mid-way through season three.

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