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Name: Stardust
Creator: Neil Gaiman (author), Charles Vess (illustrator), Matthew Vaughn (director)
Date(s): October 1997 (serialized illustrated version, part 1)
1998 (collected illustrated version)
February 1, 1999 (novel, unillustrated)
August 10, 2007 (film)
Medium: novel, Live-Action/CGI film
Country of Origin: United Kingdom (novel), United States (film)
External Links: Stardust (2007 film) on Wikipedia, Stardust (novel) on Wikipedia, IMDB
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Stardust is a story by Neil Gaiman about a boy going on an adventure to find a fallen star for his beloved sweetheart. It was originally published by DC Comics serially, like a comic, in four parts with illustrations by Charles Vess. It was later published as a novel without the illustrations and was then turned into a film starring Claire Danes as Yvaine, Charlie Cox as Tristan Thorn, Michelle Pfeiffer as a witch, and Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare.


  • Tristran Thorn (Tristan in the film) - main character
  • Yvaine - the fallen star
  • Captain Shakespeare - a famous pirate
  • Three Witches (in the film, Pfeiffer's character was called Lamia, the other two were named Mormo and Empusa) - wants the fallen star's heart to become younger and more beautiful
  • Prince Septimus - youngest of the seven Stormhold princes
  • Princess Una - Tristan's mother and captive of the witch Ditchwater Sal
  • Dunstan Thorn - Tristan's father
  • Ditchwater Sal - an old witch that captured Una
  • Victoria Forester - Tristan's crush

Other characters include the other six sons of the king: Princes Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, and Sextus along with Monday (Humphrey in the film) - Victoria's boyfriend.


The Stardust fandom is a small fandom, with it's peak in 2008-2009 with only a few works posted each year after that[1]. The fandom mainly found home at and LiveJournal originally, before slowing moving to Archive of Our Own.

Due to the fantasy romance aspect of the film and novel, there are often fusions of it in another fandom or just a plain crossover. Also another impact on other fandoms are the various fanvids that use Yvaine's speech from the film[2] as a voice over on other pairings and fandoms (Examples: Damon/Elena, Multimovies).

Fandom mainly focuses on Yvaine/Tristan, Prince Septimus, or original characters.



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  1. ^ As of 19 September 2014: 30 works are posted for the book at FFN, of those, only 5 of the works were posted after 2009. Out of 46 works posted for the film at FFN, only 19 were posted after 2009.
  2. ^ "You know when I said I knew little about love?..." Post on Tumblr of Yvaine's speech. (Accessed 19 September 2014)