Stardew Valley Tournament

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Name: Stardew Valley Tournament
Date(s): September 4, 2021
Founder: ConcernedApe, Unsurpassable Z
Type: Tournament
Fandom: Stardew Valley
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The Stardew Valley Cup is a livestreamed esports tournament hosted by the creator of the game Stardew Valley (SDV), ConcernedApe, and well-known SDV YouTuber, Unsurpassable Z. With a prize of a combined $40,000 on offer, the event took place on September 4, 2021.[1] The winning team was Sandy's Candies.[2]


Originally conceptualised as a chill farming sim, the Stardew Valley Cup is officially the first time we've seen a competitive playthrough of the game.[3] The tournament was created to celebrate the popular speedrunners and online content creators of the SDV fandom by concocting challenges that made use of the techniques of speedrunning and min-maxing. In essence, the tournament was a 3 hour long scavenger hunt played on multiplayer. The competition featured four teams of four players each.[4] The teams were given a beach farm on a co-op map and three hours to complete as many challenges as they could from a list of over 100, with varying levels of points and difficulty.[5] They had two weeks of planning before the actual event.

The competition was streamed on Unsurpassable Z's Twitch channel, but is now preserved on YouTube.[6] Each team member also streamed their own playthrough.


The winners and other teams were as follows:[7]

  1. Sandy's Candies (661 points): TheHaboo, brandiganBTW, lilsimsie, and Fuzzireno
  2. Pierre's Cherries (597 points): Cordite89, Waligug, Mr Penguinpanda, Lichatton
  3. Pam's Yams (519 points): PianoAddict, AlbinoLiger, SeanieDew, Matthew McCleskey
  4. Krobus's Crocuses (466 points): KingNooblit, Bia_De, SharkyGames, Therm

The Challenge

As mentioned previously, the Stardew Valley Cup is essentially a giant scavenger hunt on multiplayer. The challenge consisted of a list of over 100 tasks. The points assigned to the tasks were according to difficulty level of the task: they ranged from 5 points to 25 points.[8] The team with the highest profits at the end of the tournament also received a bonus 20 points. There were also a total of 5 surprise challenges introduced every half an hour during the actual tournament, each worth 50 points.