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Name: Starbase One
Date(s): 1976-?
Profit/Nonprofit: profit
Country based in: USA
Focus: Star Trek
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Starbase One was a Star Trek and science fiction merchandise company based in San Jose, California.

From an ad in a 1976 Star Trek con program book:

STAR TREK Conventions are special. There's a certain feeling that fills the very air with excitement!

a 1976 flyer

It doesn't all have to end when the show's over today. Not when STARBASE ONE is only four blocks from where you are right now. And we're open today, and every day, from noon to six pm.

STARBASE ONE: The Store for STAR TREK and Science Fiction Fans. We've got B&W and full color posters, all the STAR TREK paperbacks, the Starfleet Technical Manuals, insignia patches, calendars, Vulcan Ears, STAR TREK comics and magazines, bumper stickers, all STAR TREK models, Christmas and Channukah Cards, Tribbles, Records, Toys, T-Shirts ...All the things you'd expect, and more.

But we are unique, and are exclusive in a number of areas: A huge series of high-quality full color photographs in a variety of sizes; a myriad assortment of fanzines and hard to get out-of-print Convention Booklets; Spican Flame Gems; stills and posters from Science Fiction film classics, and SF paperbacks; Frazetta Posters and Fantasy Artwork publications of all types!

More exelusives: Limited-Edition Portfolios and STAR TREK original artwork by top fan and pro artists; STAR TREK License Plate Frames; And the fantastic GALAXY GAME: Command a starship and battle the alien enemy in solar, intergalactic and negative space!

An 8 foot scale model of the starship USS ENTERPRISE patrols our sector! Step through a hexagonal portal into a store that sets a mood with music and soundtracks from SF, Fantasy and STAR TREK. It only happens at one place: STARBASE ONE ...For your Sense of Wonder.

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