Star Wars Filksongs

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Filk Songbook
Title: Star Wars Filksongs
Publisher: Julia Howarth
Date(s): September/October 1977
Medium: print
Subject: Star Wars
Language: English
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possibly a poor copy of cover, though this may have been an origianl, art by Cathi Brown

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Star Wars Filksongs was published in September/October 1977. Art by Wendy Howarth and Cathi Brown. It contains 20 pages. Note: The cover title is "Star Wars Filksongs" and the title on the table of content page is "The Star Wars Filksongs Book."

  • The Rebel Base (7)
  • Two Little Rebel 'Droids (7)
  • Send in the 'Droids (5)
  • I'm Obi-Wan the Great (8)
  • Reflection (9)
  • I Don't Like Getting Involved (10)
  • Eight Foot Two (10)
  • How to Handle a Wookie (sic) (10)
  • Chewbacca (11)
  • What Do You Do with a Drunken Wookie (sic) (12)
  • I Want My Own Wookie (sic) (12)
  • Darth's Dilemma (13)
  • Princess Leia's Lament (14)
  • Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan (15)
  • Dia Nogu (15)
  • Love Song from Luke (16)
  • Forcing Evil (16)
  • Ding, Dong, the Death Star's Gone (17)
  • Darth Vader's Lives! (18)
  • Vader Vocalizes (19)
  • Reflections (Darth) (19)

Reactions and Reviews

  • "I purchased my copy of Star Wars Filksongs in Oct. 1977 at Saltcon in SLC. We spent a few hours going through it at a party and singing most of the songs. It is a fair show of imagination in developing new filksongs. Most are funny, a few are serious. In places I would have changed the wording to better fit rhyme patterns, but I suppose all of us feel that way about some filksongs. My main complaints is that the editors make no attempts to provide musical notation—no guitar chords, etc. I do play folk guitar, dulcimer, etc. so I was able to find a few songs with proper chordings in some of my folksong sourcebooks. In general, however, the instrumental accompanist is left adrift. The artwork in the zine ranges from poor to fair. If you enjoy filksongs and want to sample some SW examples, I recommend this fanzine highly." [1]


  1. from Alderaan #3