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Fan Club
Name: Star Trek Legion
Dates: around 1975
Leadership: Mark Van Breene
Country based in:
Focus: science of Star Trek
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Star Trek Legion was a Star Trek: TOS and science club based in Cleveland, Ohio, then Maryland, Virginia.

From Bellerophon v.1 n.1 (June 1975):

Star Trek Legion: Our activities include: the researching of solid state and fusion reaction space craft propulsion systems for economical deep space exploration, the developing of water and waste reconversion methods which will provide alternatives to present public utilities and pollution control, provide advances in medical instrumentation, new methods in food synthesis and agricultural monitoring control, and improved sensor monitoring systems for meteorological and geological study. We are presently on a membership drive and exploring the possibilities of setting up a scientific fund-raising convention. The development of fore-mentioned systems would begin shortly after the acquisition of a research and development center. Although we are still organizing, we are sincere in our goals and objectives. The purpose of which is to promote and foster an understanding of science and space technology. It is a belief of the organization that by utilizing the potential of concerned high school and college students it is possible to find alternative solutions to problems plaguing the environment and social structures. It is also believed that by working on astronautical technology, new systems can be pioneered which would benefit standard technology such as high yield energy sources and the like.