Star Trek Femslash Week

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Name: Star Trek Femslash Week
Date(s): 2023
Type: Fanweek
Fandom: Star Trek - all versions
URL: startrekfemslashweek at Tumblr; archive link
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Star Trek Femslash Week is a fanweek challenge in Star Trek fandom, open to all iterations of Star Trek and all femslash pairings. Fans could create whatever fanworks they wished, including fanfiction, fanart, moodboards, and gif sets.



Day 1: There Was Only One Bed / Mutual Pining

Day 2: Hurt/Comfort / Friends to Lovers

Day 3: Trapped In A Turbolift / Mirror Universe

Day 4: Treating Injuries / Fake Marriage

Day 5: Learning Your Language / Jefferies Tubes

Day 6: Time Loop / Trapped On A Planet Together

Day 7: Holodeck Adventures / Free Space