Star Trek - The Fans: A Study of the Legend and Its Followers

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Fan Survey
Title: Star Trek - The Fans: A Study of the Legend and Its Followers
Surveyor: STAG
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek: TOS
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Star Trek - The Fans: A Study of the Legend and Its Followers was a fan-run survey printed in STAG #48.

The results were intended to be a book proposal for a pro book along the lines of Star Trek Lives!. It is unknown if this book was actually published.

first page of survey
second page of survey

From the survey's prologue:

This is intended to bo a book devoted to the study of the STAR TREK fans - for many of us, F.I.A.W.O.L. - Fandom is a Way of Life. Why? Why is it that we feel so involved in the phenomenon of Star Trek and all it seems to embody, that we spend quite a considerable amount of time - in some cases - on writing, drawing, reading, re-reading, studying, etc? There are many reasons, and since everyone has their own reason or particular set of reasons, we (hopefully the authors of this book if we get anough response) decided to make an attempt to write a book about it. It will be greatly appreciated if you could answer as many of the questions as possible, and as comprehensively as you can. Obviously, you are under no obligation to answer all of the questions, and all answers and comments will be treated as confidential (ie we will not quote you by name) unless you wish otherwise, so please state with each answer/comment which alternative you would prefer. We cannot guarantee that we will quote you, but obviously we want to give as much space as possible to your comments -if you should think of something that we may have missed out, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know; we hope we've included all the important aspects but we are only Human,.. I Please, read on...

Survey Questions

1. How and when did you first discover Star Trek?
2. Did you like it straight away or was it a gradually acquired taste?
3. How and when did you first discover fandom?
4. How and when did you first come into contact with other fans, and can you remember your reaction to them?
5. Can you remember your first favourite character, whether you were 'taken* by them straight away and if your favourite character has changed at all over the years?
6. If so, have these changes taken place at any particular time in your life or for any reason you can think of?
7. Do you identify with any one particular character - if yes, which one, and do you have any idea why?
8. What is/are your favourite aspect(s) of the series, e.g. technology, stories, people, philosophy, etc? Please elaborate.
9. Do you feel that Star Trek is believable.
10. Do you think that we could attain a future such as the one Star Trek depicts, or one similar?
11. Do you attend conventions - regularly (ie once every year)/only when you can afford it/whenever there is one?
12. What is/are your main reasons for attending cons, i.e. to stock up with zines, books, photos etc; meet friends? participate in fancy dress, and so on?
13. What is your family's reaction to your "being a fan?
14. Is any other member of your family a fan?
15. Do other people's attitudes to the series or your being a fan worry you? And have your impressions of the series changed at all because of this?
16. Are you embarrassed to admit that you like Star Trek to anyone?
17. How much time per week would you estimate you spend on Star Trek related activities? Please elaborate.
18. How many Star Trek books do you have? What else do you collect?
19. How many Star Trek clubs do you belong to, and are you an active member?
20. Do you meet regularly with local fans? Please elaborate.
21. What other hobbies/interests do you have? Does Star Trek come before any of them?
22. Do you read other science fiction? Please elaborate.
23. Were you interested in the SF field as a whole before you discovered Star Trek, or vice versa?
24. Do you watch any other SF/other TV series as avidly?
25. Have you written Star Trek fiction and if so, has it been published?
26. What type of Star Trek stories do you like to read/write?
27. Does Star Trek reflect in any way your own personal outlook or philosophy on life; if so, did it change your outlook as a result of watching it?
28. How has Star Trek influenced your life?
29. Please state are you married/single? with any children and/or household pets.
30. Do you always watch the programme, and can you say what it means to you?

31. Do you take an interest in the cast to the extent of watching films that they are in, or is your sole interest the Star Trek characters they play?