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You may be looking for the Pennsylvania Star Trek club called That Which Survives.

Title: Star Trek: That Which Survives
Publisher: Intergalactic Happenings, a club out of Ohio (also may be the same club as S.T.A.R. Base Akron)
Editor(s): one source: Christine A. McWilliams & Cheryl Frashure
another source, The Halkan Council says Kathy Anderson and Cindy Sampson
another source, a 1976 ad says Scott Berfield
Date(s): around 1974
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Trek: That Which Survives is a gen zine of of fiction, art, and reviews first proposed by Kathy Anderson.

Contributors of an unknown issue include Jeff Johnston (writer), Anna Mary Hall (writer), Ann Popplestone (writer), Jo Hefstetter (a ST/sf review column), Jacqueline Lichtenberg (a reprint of her 1968 script 'Remote Control'), and Cheryl Frashure (art).

Issue 1

Star Trek: That Which Survives 1 was published in late 1974.

Issue 6

Star Trek: That Which Survives 6 as published December 1975 and contains 20 pages xeroxed (5 pages reduced).

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

The front cover of this issue (Christmas ish) is a beautiful full page ink drawing of Kirk by Cheryl Frashure. Beginning the articles within in a science essay on phasers by Jeff Johnston. Following this is short article reviewing Space:1999. There are two beautiful trek filk songs for Christmas adapted to 'Jingle Bells' and 'Oh, Tantumbaum' [sic]. These are don by K'Riss and Cheryl Rice. For those of you who have never read the original version of 'Arena' by Frederic Brown, Ann Popplestone discusses the differences between the two and gives a good insight on how the story was adapted. The outstanding piece of this issue is 'The Silent Stars Go By' by Cheryl Rice with some help from K'Riss. This is one of the better Christmas themes I've read in some time focussing on ST. It's told from Spock's point of view during the ship's annual Christmas party. For anyone looking for fist-fighting action, you'll have to go some place else, because this takes place as the Big E is silently traveling through peaceful space, thousands of light years from home, and the holidays on earth. The story was very touching to me, and after reading this story I was able to feel one of the few flushes of holiday spirit that I was able to muster up this year. Accompanying the rest of the features in this issue is a short trivia quiz and quite a number of illos that range from fair to very good in quality and filling out the rest of the pages is information for the club members who subscribe. This publication has a great deal of potential and should be expanded into a zine. Get a sample copy of this Christmas issue just to see what it is like. [1]


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