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Title: Star Sector One and Star Sector Two
Publisher: United Federation of Trekkers (Columbia, South Carolina) and Eric L. Watts
Editor(s): Eric L. Watts
Date(s): 1980, 2003
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Primarily Star Trek: TOS, other general science fiction
Language: English
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Star Sector One and Star Sector Two are gen Star Trek: TOS digest-sized anthologies. The contents of both issues were written, drawn and created by members of the United Federation of Trekkers. The first issue was meant to be a single, stand-alone one-shot publication and the "One" in the title referred to the fictional section of space in the Star Trek universe in which Earth is located; it was not meant to be an issue number. "Star Sector Two" was so named to be consistent with the first publication, with the word "Two" also being an integral part of the name, not an issue number. In other words, it would be incorrect to think of these publications as "Star Sector #1" and "Star Sector #2."

Star Sector One

Star Sector One is a saddle-stitched mini-zine edited by Eric L. Watts and published in 1980 by the United Federation of Trekkers that contains 48 interior pages plus covers. Eric L. Watts is the front cover artist. It was originally meant to be a one-shot. [1]

Cover of Star Sector One, art by Eric L. Watts
  • Scotty, illustration by Eric L. Watts (front cover)
  • In My Opinion, editorial by Eric L. Watts (pg 3)
  • The Discovery, short story by Fredrick Doug Gore III (pg 5)
  • Untitled artwork by Bill Smith (pg 10)
  • An Encounter with Darth Vader, article by Bridget Mintz Register (pg 11)
  • Think About It!, poem by Mitchell B. Craig (pg 12)
  • Shadow of a Man, illustration by Fredrick Doug Gore III (pg 13)
  • Requiem, short story by Fredrick Doug Gore III (pg 14)
  • Untitled illustration by Mitchell B. Craig (pg 35)
  • Cylon Tabernacle Choir, article by Eric L. Watts & Robb B. Ivey (pg 36)
  • Trekkin' On!, poem by Sally E. Aaron (pg 38)
  • Dear Admiral Kirk, letter by Denise Drexler (pg 39)
  • Untitled cartoon by Bill Smith (pg 40)
  • Cinema Fantastica, article by Mitchell B. Craig (pg 41)
  • Untitled cartoon by Mitchell B. Craig (pg 44)
  • The Man of Lead, poem by William Harold Smith III (pg 45)
  • Subspace Frequencies, letters to the editor (pg 47)
  • Untitled cartoon by Mitchell B. Craig (pg 48)

Star Sector Two

Star Sector Two is a comb-bound mini-zine edited and published in 2003 by Eric L. Watts and contains 72 interior pages plus covers. Bryon Barnette is the front cover artist.

Cover of Star Sector Two, art by Bryon Barnette

The editor explains the gap in time between the two issues: "Following [Star Sector One's] publication, I collected manuscripts, artwork and other material for STAR SECTOR TWO, but financing for the second issue never materialized before the UFT sputtered out of existence in 1989. Years later, in 2003, I took the old typewritten manuscript for STAR SECTOR TWO, totally rekeyed it into my computer and published it as a fundraiser for TrekTrak, the track of programming devoted to Star Trek at Dragon*Con of which I was director from 1993 to 2009." [2]

  • Untitled artwork by Bryon Barnette (front cover)
  • The Spirit We Be, poetry by L. Frank Trimnal (pg 2)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before, short story by Fredrik Douglas Gore III (pg 4)
  • The Feeling of Space, poetry by Norma Anne McDonald (pg 12)
  • Ghosts, short story by Bridget Mintz Register (pg 13)
  • How to Win at Fizzbin, humor by Jean Lamb (pg 24)
  • Planet of Illusions, short story by Norma Anne McDonald (pg 26)
  • Instant Future, poetry by Sally E. Aaron (pg 40)
  • Debt of Honor, short story by Jean Lamb (pg 41)
  • Star Trek: What Is It?, essay by Danny C. Reeves (pg 43)
  • Parallels, short story by Charlotte Davis (pg 45)
  • I Was Beamed Up, poetry by Barry Sleesman (pg 47)
  • A Question of Where, short story by A. C. Koudelka (pg 49)
  • Battle Hymn of the Federation, poetry by Jean Lamb (pg 72)


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