Stairway to Starclan

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Title: Stairway to Starclan
Created by: Paz, Julian, and Liz
Date(s): Jan 26, 2021 - present
Focus: reread, discussion
Fandom: Warrior Cats
External Links: Apple Podcasts, PodBean, Twitter, Patreon
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Stairway to Starclan, sometimes also referred to as Staircast, is a Warrior Cats reread podcast by Paz, Liz, and Julian.[1] Two of the hosts (Paz and Julian) were fans of the series as children and are revisiting the books as adults, while the third (Liz) is reading the books for the first time.

In addition to the content of the books themselves (and peripheral canons like novellas, field guides, super editions, and a manga adaptation), the podcast also discusses various aspects of the Warrior Cats fandom, including RP, fan games, AMVs, and "of course, the sprawling Warriors wiki."[2]


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