Spock In Manacles

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Title: Spock In Manacles
Publisher: Pits Press
Editor(s): Lotta Bottle
Date(s): 1983
Series?: Star Trek TOS
Medium: print
Size: A4, 44PP
Genre: slash, humour
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Spock In Manacles is a zine created in 1982/3 by British Star Trek fan Lotta Bottle (Kate Davies - writer) with cover and interior art by Helen McCarthy. It was cited in sf author David Langford's collection "The Complete Critical Assembly", and spun off a rock opera premiered at the Beccon 3 convention in 1985.

Its purpose was to raise funds, through the zine for a fannish charitable initiative and through the rock opera for the Live Aid African famine effort. More recently a video of the performance has been used to raise funds for an appeal to purchase John Wyndham's papers for future study. A copy of the video is also held at the University of Liverpool as part of the Science Fiction Foundation Collection. Copies of the script are still available from Beccon Publications as part of The Beccon Plays.

The world premiere cast included Pete Gilligan (Kirk), Geoff Ryman (Spock), Laura Wheatley (Yeoman Lotta Bottle), Graham Head (McCoy and Scott), Caroline Mullan (Nurse Chapel), KIM Campbell (Amazon Queen), Steve Lawson (chief expendable security guard and shop steward), Brian Ameringen (Horny the mutant star-goat,) Ashley Watkins (Amazon henchperson) and Helen McCarthy (generic underdressed female.) Music by Ian Sorensen included "Bestiality's Best" (to the tune of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down"), "Don't Ask Me What I Am Doing" ("Don't Cry For Me Argentina"), and a Redshirt version of the Beatles' "Imagine".

Several members of the cast and production team took part in a retrospective panel at the 2015 Eastercon (UK National Science Fiction Convention).

The zine was produced with two covers, one with artwork and one, more expensive, with added stains. Both were sold in a plain brown paper wrapper. The parody of traditional British pornography sales proved very popular with a number of fans buying both the 'dirty' and 'dirtier' cover versions. (The greasy stains, by the way, were simply butter.)

A possible inspiration illo.... Spock Enslaved!.