Spectrum is Scarlet

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Title: Spectrum is Scarlet
Publisher: Purple Unicorn Press
Editor(s): Jay Felton
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Language: English
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Spectrum is Scarlet is a 111-page gen anthology about Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. It was published in the UK by Purple Unicorn Press.

"Spectrum is Blue" was a proposed second issue, and it is unclear if it was ever published.

Ad Descriptions

From an ad in Universal Translator #27: "An anthology of fiction, poetry, and art with a healthy mixture of adventure and relationship themes -- plus a good sprinkling of hurt/comfort. After all, what's an indestructible hero for?"

From a 1994 Purple Unicorn Press flyer: "A departure from previous subject matter, but still dealing with security agents... colourful ones! Published 1992, 111 pages, comb-bound, lots of art. Contributors include Linda Chapple, S Armitage, Jay Felton, Mike Adamson, and Jonathan Baxter."


  • End of the Line, by Jonathan Baxter. The Mysterons threaten the Trans-Continental Rail system, vital to European transport--can Spectrum beat their deadline for destruction?
  • Powertrack, by Captain Silver. Scarlet must take to the racetrack himself to avert Mysteron-planned disaster at a packed sports stadium.
  • The Seeking of XTC 90, by Linda Chapple. Dispatched to find a missing canister of deadly bacteria, Scarlet and several fellow agents face opposition from Captain Black as well as the treacherous environment of China's Tien Shan mountains.
  • Power of the Lion, by Jay Felton. Scarlet and Blue enlist the help of an independent mercenary group to protect the desert kingdom which seems to be the Mysterons latest target.
  • Slipstream, by Captain Silver. After a bizarre plane crash, Scarlet finds himself in a bleak world where the Mysterons have gained the upper hand--but why has he no memory of Spectrum's defeat?
  • Plus short fiction, poetry, humour and lots of art