Sorcerer Hunters

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Name: Sorcerer Hunters >(爆れつハンター Bakuretsu Hunters')
Abbreviation(s): SH, BH
Creator: Satoru Akahori (writer), Rei Omishi (illustrator)
Date(s): 1993 – 1996 (light novel), 1993-1998 (manga), 1995-1996 (TV anime), 1996-1996 (OAV)
Medium: manga, TV anime, OAV, light novels
Country of Origin: Japan
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Sorcerer Hunters was a 1990s anime and manga series.


The main series ran for 13 manga volumes and 26 TV anime episodes. The series focused on hero Carrot Glace and his brother Marron, their adoptive sisters Tira and Chocolat Misu, and their friend Gateau Mocha as they fought against the destructive sorcerers running rampant across Spooner Continent. They took their missions from Big Mama, a goddess figure, and often times worked alongside Haz Knight Mille Fuille.

They eventually crossed paths with the main villain, Zaha Torte, who had a complicated backstory of his own.

The OAVs were animated adaptations of certain manga storylines, consisting of three episodes total.

Manga vs Anime

The anime has a very different tone than the manga, especially later on. The biggest difference is in the climaxes: in the manga, Tira sacrifices her life to save Carrot and is brought back via the two confessing their love, and they get married. In the anime, Marron, Gateau, Tira, and Chocolate all die while Carrot faces Zaha alone, only for the four to come back via the power of Carrot's friendship and familial love for them.

The manga also expanded on the characters' families. Carrot and Marron's father Onion appeared in several volumes, and their mother was explicitly stated to have died protecting a young Carrot.

Gateau's motive was to rescue his sister Eclair, who'd been captured by Zaha. During the first major battle against Zaha, Eclair was revealed to have become his devoted minion until Gateau died to protect her, at which point she came to her senses and became a semi-regular character among the group.

Tira and Chocolate were the adoptive children of Zaha before he became a villain.



Sorcerer Hunters had a big yaoi following, but quite a few het ships and the occasional yuri pairing. Fans often remarked on how ironic it was that the marketing focused heavily on the sexy Chocolat and Tira, but most of the fandom was yaoi fanfiction.

The series was an oddball in the way it didn't have any major shipping wars. Fans could be very protective of their pairings, and a few vocal fans were quite harsh on whatever character they felt was "in the way" of their ship. Ship bashing, however, usually came in the form of demonizing characters in their fanfiction; actual pairing discussions and meta tended to be opinionated but civil.

The most common ships of the heyday were:

  • Marron/Gateau
  • Tira/Marron
  • Carrot/Tira
  • Marron/Carrot
  • Mille Fuille/Marron
  • Chocolat/Gateau
  • Tira/Daughter
  • Daughter/Sirius

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