Songs of the Sphere

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Title: Songs of the Sphere
Editor(s): Sylvia Wallace and Christine Menafee
Date(s): 1988-1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starman (TV)
Language: English
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Songs of the Sphere is a gen Starman anthology that ran three issues.

Issue 1

Songs of the Sphere 1 was published in May 1988 and edited by Sylvia Wallace. On the cover, "Fiction, poetry, and other creative works from the Starman Universe." It is a "Blue Lights Special Edition."

Issue 2

Songs of the Sphere 2 was published in 1988. It contains a single story called, "Family" by Sylvia Wallace.

Issue 3

Songs of the Sphere 3 was published in July 1989. It was edited by Christine Menafee and contains 150 pages.

Issue 4

Songs of the Sphere 4 is a zine of 175 filks. It may have been edited by Gayle High Pine.

Issue 5

Songs of the Sphere 5 was published in July 1991. It contains "False Fronts," a full-length STARMAN script.