Songs of the Sphere

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Title: Songs of the Sphere
Editor(s): Sylvia Wallace and Christine Menafee
Date(s): 1988-1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starman (TV)
Language: English
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Songs of the Sphere is a gen Starman anthology that ran three issues.

Issue 1

Songs of the Sphere 1 was published in May 1988 (50 copies. The second printing was in July 1988 (50 copies) and contains 30 pages. It was edited by Christine Menefee.

On the cover, "Fiction, poetry, and other creative works from the Starman Universe." It is a "Blue Lights Special Edition."

cover of issue #1

The front cover is by Sandra Leigh Smith, the back cover is by Matthew Marcinko.

  • Introduction (Starman Fandom: Something New Under the Sun) by Christine Menefee (4)
  • Foreword to "Secrets," An Epilogue, fiction by Sylvia Wallace (5)
  • Secrets, An Epilogue, fiction by Sylvia Wallace (6)
  • Illo by Linda A. Howell (13)
  • Trilogy -- The Promise, The Apology, Confidential File, poetry by E. Ellen Harrington (14)
  • Illo by Linda A. Howell (16)
  • Forever, poetry by Matthew Marcinko (16)
  • Starmanizing, memoor by Ann Patryas (17)
  • Peregrine, illo by Liz Amorse (20)
  • She Calls Herself Lisa, fiction by Vicki Hessel Werkley (21)
  • illo by Linda A. Howell (22)
  • Lightfields, poetry by E. Ellen Harrington (22)
  • The Haunted, fiction by Lisa Wiser (23)
  • Dear Son, poetry by Sharon Saunders (26)
  • Gentle Light, poetry by Dorothy Jean West (26)
  • The Starman Diet, humor by Christine Menefee (27)
  • Little Sally, cartoon by Sandra Mason (27)
  • Peregrines, cartoon by Vicki Werkley and Sandra Smith (28)
  • Spotlight Starman Directory (29)

Issue 2

Songs of the Sphere 2 was published in 1988. It contains a single story called, "Family" by Sylvia Wallace.

Issue 3

Songs of the Sphere 3 was published in July 1989. It was edited by Christine Menafee and contains 150 pages.

Issue 4

Songs of the Sphere 4 is a zine of 175 filks. It may have been edited by Gayle High Pine.

Issue 5

Songs of the Sphere 5 was published in July 1991. It contains "False Fronts," a full-length STARMAN script.