Somebody's Knockin'

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Title: Somebody's Knockin'
Date: 1980s
Format: VCR vid
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Footage: Starsky & Hutch

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Somebody's Knockin' is one of the earliest songvids made with live action TV footage. It is also one of the earliest Starsky & Hutch fan vids.

What VTRs could do was hold a freeze frame cleanly, and this was used a great deal. Some of the earliest vids consisted of a freeze frame of the guys' faces over an entire song. Early vidders would use a scene even if it had credits over it if they needed it. They would use freeze frames and stills to extend the desired clip so it would be as long as they needed it to be. These are not things vidders could get away with today, but even with the wobbling soundtracks, freeze frames, and very long clips, fans greeted these early vids with astonishment and appreciation. The fact that it was possible to overlay a different soundtrack over familiar scenes gave fans an outlet to view familiar footage in new ways. This is demonstrated very well in early vids like Somebody's Knockin' and The Rose. [1]


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