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Title: Sokol
Author(s): Khyber
Fandom: The X-Files
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Sokol is an X-Files story by Khyber.

It is a sequel to Reach.

Reactions and Reviews

I find it very, very difficult to choose just one of Khyber's fics to call my favorite. I love most of his fics, for a handful of qualities they all share, as well as a few things that are specific to each one. I love Khyber's writing for the strong, complex characterizations of M&S as well as the secondary characters. I also love his writing for its complicated brand of realism. Khyber's stories manage to be incredibly grim, even brutal, without being overly cynical. The ideals of the characters always remain an important part of who they are: their desire to do good, to preserve what is vulnerable, to fight for justice and safety and truth and clarity. To be strong in their actions regardless of how vulnerable and flawed they feel. I find it particularly hard to choose between the Sokol 'verse and KvsS7 (both of which I insist can be chosen as single works, even though technically the fics in them are quite separate). I adore KvsS7, and in particular The Fall of Our Summer is one of those fics that will remain seared into my brain for a long time to come. But I have to choose the Sokol 'verse as my favorite of Khybers fics, if only because I think the writing is stronger. Perhaps Sokol is slightly less conceptually complex than KvsS7, which is such a dense, knotty conceptual tangle, but certainly Sokol is more consistently engrossing. The narrative is a smoother, cleaner fabric. [1]
SOKOL is IMO the masterpiece of the mysterious Khyber: a damn fine writer, a male romantic with many obvious areas of expertise beyond writing. Mulder and Scully are drawn into a hideous mind-invasion case that I immediately nailed as a Lovecraft borrowing. They go on the run, professionally and seriously, and endure mind-tricks that barely leave them breathing and loving. Gorgeous prose: important. Must reread.[2]
Angsty, thought-provoking conspiracy-flavored casefile. I read somewhere that Khyber was a male. I'm not sure if it's true, but if so - his ability to describe Scully's thoughts and feelings so well on paper is impressive. [3]


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