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Name: SnitchFiction.Net
Date(s): October 12, 2002 - February 20, 2003 (last updated)[1]
Archivist: Snidget, Auror, Practical Magic
Founder: Snidget
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (Wayback)
LiveJournal community (site updates)
SnitchFiction banner.jpg
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SnitchFiction.Net was a short-lived Harry Potter archive started as a response to FanFiction.Net's September 2002 announcement that it would be banning NC-17 stories. SnitchFiction allowed fanfiction of all ratings and had no content restrictions apart from disallowing RPF[2] and only permitting MSTs with the permission of the original author.[3] Users were required to be 15 years of age to register to the site.[4]

Screenshot of the archive's home page, as appears via the Wayback Machine.

The site began having hosting and bandwidth problems in December 2002, and in January 2003 the owner announced plans transfer content to an additional server. By March, users were experiencing difficulty accessing the site and could not upload new content, with no word from the site's admin team. For several following months the site would be viewable only until the monthly bandwidth limit was reached, and eventually the site went offline altogether.


Description from Eowyn's Musings: "Pretty much like ... But this one's only for Harry Potter fanfic."[5]

Memento Mori writes: "Notice people disappearing from FFN at alarming rates? This is where they've been going. A Harry Potter fanfiction archive where ::gasp:: you can upload and read NC-17 stories! Simple and sophisticated, is run by down to earth people and open to all and any Harry Potter FanFiction. Enjoy!"[6]

Ivy Blossom writes: "Have been sort of not following the archive debates, being all fussed out about, but just got a look at snitchfiction and almost cried. This is beautiful. It's got an interface very much like's. So you can search and sort and so forth. You control your own files and can edit and delete them at will. Unlike, snitchfiction has a web edit window, so you just paste your fic into it, and edit it as you like. [...] I must say, I'm impressed. Go check it out. Improving daily."[7]

Description from Veela Inc.: "A no-holds-barred archive run by snidget with a self-upload and self-manage feature. Very much like, but without the NC-17 ban, and exclusively for Harry Potter fics. Watch the snitchfiction livejournal for updates, as the archive is still being built and tweaked." Later amended: "Apparently it is no longer around; don't ask me, I have no idea what happened."[8]


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