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Name: Caldeirão do Snape onde as Snapetes preparam suas opções (Snape's Cauldron where the Snapetes prepare their options)
Date(s): 2006 (?) – 2017 (?)
Moderator: ferporcel, nandda, bastetazazis
Founder: ferporcel
Type: fanfic, filk, poem and fanvid
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: snapetes at FanFiction.Net
snapetes at LiveJournal
snapetes at Nyah! Fanfiction
snapetes at WordPress
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Snapetes was a group of Portuguese-speaking Snape-fan writers who produced various types of fanac, from fanfictions, filk songs to poems.

Initially called “Trocando Segredos nas Madrugadas” (“Exchanging Secrets at Dawn” ) the group started on MSN, then migrated to other means of interaction such as Orkut, Blogspot, LiveJournal, WordPress, FanFiction.Net and even Facebook.

Exchange challenges were made between the group members on specific commemorative dates, including the Snape Fest and others challenges ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas, even the character's Severus Snape the actor's birthday Alan Rickman.