Smoke and Mirrors (Popslash site)

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Smoke and Mirrors
Author: Em
Dates: 2000? to current
Fandom: 'N Sync
URL: Smoke and Mirrors accessed via wayback November, 2008.

Current site accessed November 2008.

Em's popslash stories on AO3
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Smoke and Mirrors was an early influential fiction site in popslash fandom, owned by Em, whose stories were archived there.

Notable works include So Pure and Stay The Night, an AU where Lance is a prostitute and JC is the client who falls in love with him. In addition to being grittier than many of the contemporary 'N Sync slash stories, it was also unusual for having a darker and more in-depth characterization of Lance.

"Stay The Night" was the inspiration for two stories by Synchronik--So, this, which is a remix, and Fairy Tale, which is a sequel. (Links accessed via wayback, December, 2008.)

Em transferred her popslash fics to AO3 in 2012, under the pseud Randominity.