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due South Fanfiction
Title: Slush
Author(s): Kat Allison
Date(s): 2003 or 2004
Genre: gen
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here
at kat allison's website (archived)

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Slush is a due South story by Kat Allison.

Author's Notes

'This was originally meant for the dS "Voyeur" flashfiction thing; I blew both the deadline and the word count, but thought I'd finish and post it anyway. Many many thanks to aerye and Laura Shapiro for superlative beta."

Reactions and Reviews

Kat destroys me with her fic. Don't go here if you're looking for any sort of a happy-go-lucky tale. Do go here if you're looking to be stunned by the sheer talent this girl has, if you're looking to read something you'll walk around thinking about for days afterwards, if you're looking for something that will make you weak in the knees to read, and leave you mournfully wondering why the hell she doesn't write more, even if what she does write tears the heart right out of you. She's really fucking good. [1]
This is a story about Ray Vecchio undercover as Armando, going back to Chicago to broker the arms deal that takes place in Call of the Wild. It's about all the things that have changed, and all the stuff he's missed out on. Kat's writing is phenomenal; it draws you right in and shows you everything in this huge complex mess of emotions that Ray's feeling as he looks for all the touchstones of his life before Vegas. I don't want to talk about my favourite aspect of this story because it would ruin it, I think, but it's something I don't think I've seen in any other Vegas stories, and it is a terribly effective sucker punch that tells a huge amount of story in just a couple of paragraphs. [2]


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