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Name: Slit
Occupation: War Boy
Title/Rank: Lancer
Location: Australia
Status: Dead
Relationships: Nux/Slit, Slit/Toast, Angharad/Slit, Dag/Slit, Cheedo/Slit, Capable/Nux/Slit
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
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Slit is a character in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road. A member of the War Boy army/cult, he and his partner Nux join in the chase to retrieve the rogue Imperator Furiosa. When Nux is selected to continue the hunt, Slit is left behind with the rest of the war party. At the end of the movie, he crashes Max's car, and dies in the explosion.

In Canon

Slit and Nux have a close relationship, albeit a pugnacious one. Slit is aggressive and quick to put down his partner; he also judgmental, and can be heard scoffing when the rest of the War Boys celebrate the death of one of their compatriots.

Actor Josh Helman describes Slit as "a fundamentalist warrior protecting his ideals."[1]

People always seem to headcanon Slit as older and more mature than Nux but I don’t think that’s true at all. Slit may be older, but he’s mentally more immature than Nux. He pitches a small fit when Nux asserts his rightful authority over him. And I wonder if part of this is related to how much longer they have left to live. Slit doesn’t once try to sacrifice himself. He doesn’t even get to chrome himself. -And Nux Was the One Receiving a Blood Transfusion [2]

Lizard King

Slit is often referred to as a lizard in his descriptions, both by the character's creators and in fanworks. In an interview Josh Helman explained that he deliberately played Slit that way: "I initially thought he might have been dog-like or vulture-like, but I got on the full Slit prosthetics one day and played around with George and this lizard thing started happening, and he said, 'that’s it right there.'”[3]

In Fandom

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Despite only ever interacting with Nux, Slit is paired with practically the entire cast of characters - both male and female - including OCs. The most popular ship on AO3 is Nux/Slit, followed by Slit/Toast. He's also part of the popular threesome Capable/Nux/Slit.



  • Ask Slit - The Ask Slit tumblr blog was very popular following the release of Fury Road, even attracting the attention of Slit's actor Josh Helman, who linked to one of the comics on his Instagram.[4]
  • Madmax Slit by goccho


Looks at Smudged Writing on Hand: Which of the Immortan's Wives is your favorite? Slit: Last but not least, we have ... Cheese. by askslit [5]

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