Sleeping Beauty (Blake's 7 art)

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Fan Art
Title: Sleeping Beauty
Date(s): 1994
First Published:
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Sleeping Beauty is a Blake/Avon illo by Suzan Lovett.

It was published on the back cover of Avon Calling #3, and was available to purchase on Lovett's website [1]

This cover portraying Roj Blake and Kerr Avon won a 1994 Stiffie Award for best Blake's 7 art.

back cover of Avon Calling #3. Title: Sleeping Beauty

Fan Comments nudity can be sensual without being sexual....Avon & Blake wrapped around each other, emotional stuff everywhere, complete and total nudity with no penises displayed. [2]
Have you seen that "Sleeping Beauty" illo by Suzan Lovett? Isn't it gorgeous though? Funny to see it gracing a slash zine though. Well, okay, they're both nude, but it doesn't hit me as erotic — innocence, more like. Like that one where she has Blake curled up with a unicorn." [3] [4] has naked Avon bent over naked Blake to kiss him, but it isn't erotica, just very "sweet" love. Could either fit tragedy or sweet romance, and I suppose that's why part of the 'zine is on upside down and themed to fit the Lovett as the cover. [5]
And I finally got to see the much mentioned "Sleeping Beauty", an absolutely gorgeous, nude study of Blake and Avon, with Blake sleeping with his head in Avon's lap, and Avon bending down to kiss him. It's not really erotic, but unbelievably sweet (I don't usually like sweet, but I'll make an exception here). It's more than that though. This drawing is more than what you'll usually find in zines, which is normerly portrait art. This drawing manages to convey real emotion. [6]


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