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Name: Amanda Palumbo
Alias(es): Skya Starsinger
Type: fan writer & fan artist
Fandoms: Star Wars
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Amanda Palumbo wrote and illustrated for Star Wars fanzines. She passed away in April 2005.[1] Some of her work is archived here along with the following memorial:

Amanda Palumbo was a multi-talented writer, editor, and artist, best known for her Star Wars stories and for her costuming appearances with her two young daughters. However, she also dabbled in Trek fandom and this is a filksong she wrote especially for this website, using the pen name Skya Starsinger not long before she died. She passed away April 22, 2005 after a long battle with metastasized breast cancer.

Additional Star Wars fan fiction and filksongs are archived here.

A sample Star Wars filksong:

Circling Round The Same Flame

Circling round the fire

Close enough to burn

Never in my wildest dreams

Had I ever thought to learn

That you are my father

A legacy of misery and pain

Passed down to your child

By telling me this

What had you hoped to gain?

As I’d lain awake

So many dark nights

In my deepest soul was I

Waging an inner fight

All my secret fantasies

Destroyed in one moment

as I struggled not to break

And ultimately bent

Turned then from boy to man

Thrusting aside lingering doubts

Watching the endless starfield

I know that it’s you I can’t live without

Because I feel your heart calling

From father to son

Never knowing two such simple words

Could make me come undone

Another time coming

In a far away place

Father, do you know how

I long to see your face?

Just for one moment

Would be all that it takes

To drag you back from

That precipice of hate

The resolve has taken hold

Oh, how could I be so bold?

Endangering Endor’s mission

While to your soul I listen

But I have glimpsed the light

Less than a spark

But just enough left

For me to try to recapture

That frozen, weary

Dark-emmired soul

Destiny has spoken

As I gaze into your eyes

So like my own, my own

A surge of love I have felt

Threatening to break me

As Death’s blow has dealt

An irrevocable fate

Yet I take comfort in knowing

You finally won the fight

Overcoming Dark...

...with the Light

Had I command of the Force

To stay Death’s hand

Oh, my father

So much I want to share

I know you’d understand

[protracted,leaden sigh]

Guiding the shuttle

Ferrying your corpse below

At last your son’s tears

Are allowed to flow

So much time wasted

All of these years

Pulled by the same string

Denying all but its sting

But I’ll remember your sacrifice

Whenever I hear our name

For Father, we were always

Circling round the same flame

c SkySongs;lyrics & music by amanda palumbo