Sink or Swim (zine resource)

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Title: Sink or Swim
Editor(s): Amber Aurora C. Nelson aka Temar'Rea Wildfire McLeod
Type: sine about how to do a zine
Date(s): Summer 1998
Medium: excerpted heavily online, also print
Fandom: focus on Mercedes Lackey, Valdemar
Language: English
External Links: much of it is here
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Sink or Swim is a booklet by Amber Aurora C. Nelson aka Temar'Rea Wildfire McLeod.

Description: "I've put this together in an attempt to increase the number of 'zines and newsletters that stay afloat."

Most of it was published in the first issue of The Compass Rose, and it was also available in print from the author.

There are four contributors:

  • "Heyla! I'm Aurora Nelson (aka Rea Wildfire), and I ran Don't Argue With the Voice and currently run Golden Grove."
  • "Hi, I'm Cassandra Vuksa, editor of the newsletter "Austral'a'in" and the 'zine People of the South plus several other 'zines in the works, but we won't go into that now..."
  • Emily Watts "As editor of Companion's Choice... I've been messing around with newsletters for about two years, and I definitely think I've learned a few things since I started my little newsletter off the ground with one loyal subscriber and little more."
  • Laura Cameron: ""The Collegium Chronicles", edited and published colely by yours truly, is a bimonthly newsletter sent out to members of the Pacific Northwest Collegium, a local branch of the Mercedes Lackey Fan Club (Queen's Own). PNWC is going on seven years--one of the longest running local chapters of the national fan club. After taking over the reins from former editor/president Charlene Ryan, I hope to keep the fan club running as long as there's interest in it."

Some Excerpts

This booklet, or perhaps just bunch of papers stapled together--I have no idea in what form you've received this, since I give permission for anyone who wants to to photocopy this, send it to friends, etc.--is for aspiring 'zine and newsletter editors. I've put this together in an attempt to increase the number of 'zines and newsletters that stay afloat, by offering you the advice and experiences of those who made it. Or, perhaps as the case may be, what those who didn't make it felt that they did wrong. I hope it's useful for you the reader.