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Event: Shrewthering
Date(s): April 1996
Type: fan expedition
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: The Shrewthering: A Semi-Organized Web Site (archived)
The Shrewthering Photo Gallery (archived)
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The Shrewthering is the nickname given by Forever Knight fans to a trip that a number of them made to Toronto in April 1996. The television series had finished filming and was almost at the end of its run. Through April 25 to 27, the star of Forever Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies, performed as Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew as part of the du Maurier World Stage Festival. The group of fans went to Toronto to see his performance.

The nickname "Shrewthering" is constructed on the model of the nickname "Gerthering", itself a pun on "Ger" (short for Geraint) and "gathering", given to the special Weekend with Ger meetings that had been run by the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club.

The Shrewthering: A Semi-Organized Web Site

Information about the Shrewthering was posted by one of the participants, Allison Percy, on one of her websites. The Shrewthering: A Semi-Organized Web Site (archived on the Wayback Machine) includes both material related to the show itself and reports on the fans' activities. Thus, as well as a cast list for The Taming of the Shrew, there is a list of the actors who also appeared in Forever Knight.

The tone of the website is clearly aimed at fans, either of the actor or Forever Knight. Specifically fan-related is a report, "Getting There is Half the Fun?", written in two parts (respectively by Lynn Messing and Gail Zaccari) describing one carpool's adventures trying to get to Toronto.[1]

The Shrewthering Photo Gallery

A number of photos of the expedition were taken by another fan, Siona,[2] with a digital camera, and posted to The Shrewthering Photo Gallery (archived).[1] This includes a few photos of Geraint Wyn Davies that were taken after the performance. There are also photographs of the fans who participated in the Gerthering. Some of these are posed group pictures taken before they departed Toronto. Others are unposed, natural photos taken in one of the hotel rooms.

During their stay, the fans went on a tour of the filming sites for Forever Knight; and some photographs of these are included on the site.


  1. Most of the photographis are still available on the Wayback Machine copy of the site.