Shouting into the cliffs without an echo

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Title: shouting into the cliffs without an echo
Author(s): plinys
Date(s): Published:2014-10-27
Length: 51673 words
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
External Links: link to AO3

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shouting into the cliffs without an echo is a Fitzmack Coffeeshop AU by plinys. It was first posted in October 2014. It consists of 13 chapters, each focusing on one month in the relationship of the two main characters.


Mack had learned years ago not to get attached to any of the various shops and diners that filled the empty building across the street from his auto shop, but when a certain (hipster shit) guy, named Fitz, shows up and promises that this one will be different “that they’ll last a year,” he can’t help but want to see the little cafe succeed.

Author's Note

So, I've been telling myself I was going to start posting another long au (but only after I finished Skimmons things, however season two has had a severe lack of that so all of that stuff is off the table for now), and now felt like the right time to start posting something. The amount of FitzMack feels that the last episode gave me (confirmed canon not straight Fitz!!) made me certain that this one was the one I needed to post next!

Author's Note on Chapter 3:

I received a good deal of negativity after the last chapter- though not much of it was said to my 'face'. However, just an fyi for those of you on tumblr tagging a post with the ship name or using the @ sign to tag my username makes it easier for me to find you saying those things and can be pretty hurtful and discouraging.



Okay, I saw this fic for the first time maybe an hour after the first chapter was posted and thought it looked so intriguing, but after some great WIPs that didn't update for three years, I only read completed fic. Thank GOD I came back to this one, because holy shit. Holy. Shit. This was great and SO worth the wait![1]
I've never once read a coffee shop AU for any pair I've shipped, but this fic may have convinced me to try and keep a sharper look out for them. Thank you so much for writing this; everyone was written so well and the way you handled Fitz's trauma was absolutely brilliant. Obviously, I read all of it, more or less, in one shot and I have to say it's thoroughly well-rounded and you clearly put in a lot of effort into the development of this fic.[2]
I don't ususally leave comments because I'm super awkward but bread bowls are real and delicious and almost as amazing as this fic. (and I looooove the formatting of the story, by the way, super creative way to pass time quickly without rushing or causing confusion)[3]
Oh gosh, I love this![4]


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