Shore Leave (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Shore Leave
Publisher: Incubus Wings Zines
Editor(s): Atlas, Amy, Mikey, Lav (Mods)
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: PDF
Size: 23 pages
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: Gumroad; Tumblr
Shore Leave.png
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Shore Leave is a zine in the Star Wars fandom. The free PDF download is available here.


This is a Star Wars zine focusing on the characters of the movie franchise and what they do in their free time. The zine will feature any characters present in the movie franchise, whether they be from the Original, Prequel, Sequel, or Anthology Trilogies.

There will be 20 artists, 1 cover artist, and 5 writers.



Belle, Bere Weillschmidt, Cactidevil, Crypto, Diefuss, Eisenbeiss, Ela, Fishotterchen, Ghost, Hanna Wainio, JB, Kat, Lars, Miranda, Ned Pines, Nero, Orla, Sophie, Void, Xycuro


Jude, Mikey, Sophie


Amy, Tobi