Shootin' in the Crick

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Title: Shootin' in the Crick
Editor(s): Catherine Schlein
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Houston Knights
Language: English
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Shootin' in the Crick is a gen Houston Knights 80-page anthology of fiction by Catherine Schlein previously published in other zines.

From the publisher: "This zine was published back in the days of the dot matrix printer....the good old days! The stories are good and there's some nice art."

  • Where the Brave Dare Not Go--Levon and La Fiamma end up in the hands of the Devlins (from the episode "Crime Spree") and take refuge in a cave. No problem for Lundy, but not so for Joe. (Originally printed in Psychic Investigations #7)
  • House of Cards--Levon is missing and when he is found, he has no recollection of where he's been. The road to recovery means solving the mystery of who held him and why. (Originally printed in Psychic Investigations #5)
  • Dipper of Stars--the death of a famous movie star, by Levon's hand, leads to suspension and troubles for the Texan. The two were once romantically linked--long ago.
  • Observations on a Full Moon Night--an outsider's viewpoint on Levon and Joe's friendship.
  • Viewpoints on a Dark and Stormy Night--a reporter interviews the two men on a case, getting stories that are the same--yet different. (Originally printed in Psychic Investigations #8)