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Title: Sherlock-the-Pooh
Author(s): thisprettywren
Date(s): December 9 to 22, 2011
Length: 14,406 words, 6 chapters
Genre: gen, fluffy
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), Winnie-the-Pooh
External Links: Sherlock-the-Pooh[1] at AO3

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Sherlock-the-Pooh is a multi-chapter Sherlock / Winnie-the-Pooh fusion fic from 2011 by thisprettywren with illustrations by livia_carica.[2] As of April 25, 2022, it is the most kudoed, bookmarked, and commented-on Winnie-the-Pooh fic on AO3, followed by And is there Honey still for Tea? by Jay Tryfanstone.[3] In 2014 it won the Holmsies Award for Best Fluff.


Sometimes Sherlock likes a game of some sort when he comes upstairs, and sometimes he likes to sit quietly in front of the fire and listen to a story. This evening—

“What about a story?” said Sherlock.

Recs and Reviews

Well this was just a lovely little story... I've got such a big smile on my face right now (throughout most of this, really)... What wonderful characterizations, blended so perfectly, I swear I can see Sherlock and John as Pooh and Piglet! Everyone was lovely! Owl/ Anthea! And Mycroft Robin! :) All the hugs for this, and I'm definitely rereading it often...[4]
So you can just pretty much imagine me keysmashing my way through this, because AS YOU KNOW that's just about exactly what happened.[5]
This is ab-sol-ute-ly ad-OR-able. Seriously one of the cutest things I've ever read. I don't know how or why but this just WORKS. I can't decide whether I preferred the story parts or the real John & Sherlock parts, it was all beautiful.

So many things cracked me up - Mycroft Robin and the balloons; Sherlock-the-Pooh deducing that honey is only made for him to eat it; the little exchange whereby Sherlock admits he's called Mycroft when John has been in trouble; and Sherlock naming the bear Sherlock was the most squeefully Sherlock idea EVER. As for the very notion of Mycroft opening the umbrella for the honey stunt (that's from the original stories, right?) - MOST GENIUS CROSSOVER I HAVE EVER SEEN. For some reason, I was really, really touched by the parts when he goes bump, bump, bump down the seventeen stairs, especially it coming back at the end.

I don't think I could pick a favourite line of dialogue. But I loved 'You look precisely like a Consulting Detective holding onto a balloon' (I seem to recall that's from the stories, but it's so ridiculously Mycroft), and 'John. Surely you’re aware that the buoyancy properties of carbon dioxide-' 'It's my story. It's about a talking bear. Drink your tea' could have been out of the show.

This is wonderful. One thing I love about Sherlock is that being as I watched Sherlock Holmes as a child, it's one of the few things that gives me that sense of childlike wonder as well as the squeeful fangirling. You just took that element of childlike wonder and multiplied it by 100000000 and very few things have ever managed to do that.

SEQUEL WITH JOHN AS PIGLET. Please? Sherlock wants one too XD[6]
– Melandria
I generally avoid silly fluff, in which John and Sherlock are rendered as child-like. So if I hadn’t noticed the author’s name, I’d have skipped this and robbed myself. Yeah, it’s fluffy, but it’s absolutely hilarious and by some stroke of genius manages to remain in character, both as A.A. Milne voice and Sherlock and John. I would never, ever have envisioned Sherlock as Pooh. Ever. In a million years. John as Piglet, maybe, but Sherlock as Pooh? Sacrilege. And yet.[7]
Prepare to be utterly and completely charmed by Sherlock-the-Pooh, Johnlet, Mycroft Robin, Andersore, and their friends. Along with delightful original illustrations by livia_carica. The whimsical adaptation of the original children’s story is actually framed by a quite serious post-Pool stock-taking that gives us little flashes of insight into Sherlock’s childhood and his friendship with John. Strictly gen.[8]


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