Shadow Hearts

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Name: Shadow Hearts
Creator: Sacnoth
Date(s): 2001 - 2007
Medium: Video Games
Country of Origin: Japan
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Shadow Hearts is a series of role-playing video games for the PlayStation 2. The series includes Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and Shadow Hearts: From The New World. All three games are turn-based RPGs. There are two unique elements to the Shadow Hearts games: The Judgement Ring and Sanity Points.

For nearly every combat action and for some mini-games, the player is presented with a "Judgment Ring". This is a circular field that has a radar-like line that sweeps through the circle a single time. There are several colored areas on the field. To successfully complete an action, the player must hit a button as the line passes through the correct area.

In addition to the usual Hit Points and Mana Points for each character, there are also Sanity Points (SP), which decrease every turn the character is in battle (as a representation of the character's exposure to the horrific and maddening creatures) or can also be drained by enemies. When a character reaches zero Sanity Points, that character becomes "Berserk"; the character will perform random actions on random battle participants (including the player's party) with increased bonuses until either some Sanity Points are restored or the battle ends.