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Journal Community
Name: stargate atlantis podfic
Date(s): Created 19 March 2006 - 11 January 2015 (last post)
Moderator: amireal, fan_this, temaris
Founder: amireal
Type: podfic
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL:; archive link

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sgapodfic is a LiveJournal community for sharing and discussing Stargate Atlantis podfic. It was the first and most popular of at least three Stargate-related podfic communities: sg1podfic and sgapodpeople were created in September 2007. Although sgapodfic allowed podfic of any genre, sgapodpeople was created by fans who felt sgapodfic had majority slash content and wanted a comm for gen, het, and femslash.[1]

sgapodfic had somewhat contradictory podfic permission rules. From the rules post in 2006:

Please only post podfic that is either written by you or you have been given permission to read by the author by his/herself. If an author complains/mentions you didn't ask, we will warn you, give you about 24 hours to either ask nicely and then it will be removed.[2]

From the community profile, date unknown:

As a matter of courtesy, please ask fic writer's for permission before posting. This is not a requirement, but a pleasantry only.[3]

As of 2017, sgapodfic has 715 posts; 6,624 comments; and 383 members.[3]


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