Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with RDV

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with RDV
Interviewer: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Interviewee: RDV
Date(s): 2000?
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
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RDV was interviewed for Sentinel Slash Virtual Season for her role as a member of the virtual season executive committee.

Part of a Series

See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.


[My role] has given me pause to reflect on the fandom as a whole and the different types of social groups and lists that are active in it. I really want to start a discussion group just on the way this fandom works. I joined TS fandom a year before what I call the Great Campaign of '98. I first read gen then slash. The fans were phenomenal and powerful when directed. The fandom has grown greatly since then but I see the breakdown into smaller groups with more focused interests. The SVS season has sort of emphasized that the wonderful people are all still here, they are just spread out a little more.
Well, there was an attempt by some good and talented TS slash fans to get a slash season started last year but it didn't work out. I really did think that the slash fandom was so strong and deep in talent that it could accomplish whatever the gen folks could. I was surprised when it didn't work out, so when we started the SVS this year I was concerned we might have some problems. But Wod, Aly, Helen and S'Belle know a lot of people who were interested and very talented. And we were pretty determined to have that fifth season written the way slashers would like to see it happen.
Ideas. Ideas are always the easy part, it's when you start putting the details with the ideas that things start to get hard.