Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Mre

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Title: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Mre
Interviewer: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Interviewee: Mre
Date(s): 2000?
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: reader interview; fact finder interview
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Mre was interviewed for Sentinel Slash Virtual Season for her role as a beta reader, and again as a fact finder.

Part of a Series

See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.


I can only dream. I do love to write but it takes forever for ideas to percolate and I find my beta tendencies get in the way. There're three or four story ideas I'm trying to excavate... I've written three short pieces in another fandom. Does that count?
I always question what I read. "Why" is the number one thing on my mind when I'm reading, followed immediately by "how". I'm telling you, some of those sex scenes are a doozy of physical training. Seriously, since I find it nearly impossible to write creatively but love it anyway I felt that beta reading is my little contribution to fic. Besides, it gets me all WAFFy when I know I've found some little discrepancy for the author to fix.
As a beta reader, I force the author to consider the impact of her words on the audience. My gut reaction the first time will help the author smooth out any hitches in storytelling. Also, I give her a much needed break from the story from her point of view. Much of the time, the author has been working on a story so long she's forgotten much of how each individual part got to where it was. If there are gaps, she can catch them and fix them before posting. Basically, a beta provides the much-needed fresh outlook on the story. I like to think that my input made a piece of work even better.
My only official beta work is with Hiperbunny in the TPM fandom (25 long parts and going strong) but I read in a LOT of others. The main ones are TS, The Professionals and Highlander. I dabble in Man from UNCLE, New Professionals, the aforementioned TPM, Once a Thief, Quantum Leap, and some yaoi (slash for anime) stuff. I am a very quick reader. I would love to help beta more (hint, hint) but I find myself beta-ing posted stories to keep a hand in. Don't worry, I only talk to myself.
I prefer show canon to 'real people' info. Canon info is much easier to locate than RP details since I have the source (i.e. tapes) at my fingertips. Actor info creeps me out because it skirts so close to that issue of privacy.