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Name: Sense & Sensibility
previously Under my Skin
Owner/Maintainer: Arwen
Dates: November 2004 - ?, June 18, 2005 - 2008
Type: fansite
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (via Wayback)
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was a Harry/Hermione fansite.

Like You, No one Ever ([1]) is a fanfiction archive attached to it.


  • Harry and Hermione
    • HARRY - Learn more about who Harry is
    • HERMIONE - Learn more about who Hermione is
    • HARRY & HERMIONE - Summary of their relationship from first meeting to current relationship
    • HARRY & HERMIONE a.k.a. HMS PUMPKIN PIE - What's the meaning of HMS Pumpkin Pie?
    • ESSAYS - Some essays and theories
    • PUMPKIN PIE: THE FANFICTION - Why our ship is called Pumpkin Pie? All it started because of a fan fiction story...
    • INTERVIEWS TO J.K. ROWLING - Read some interesting interviews to J.K.
  • Images
  • Media
  • Interact
    • FAN'S REASONS - Why do you think they should be together? Tell me why they rock together!
    • FANFICTION - Add your stories and read them here!
    • FAVORITE SCENE - Your favorite scene from the films
    • FAVORITE MOMENT - Your favorite moment from the books
    • SOUNDTRACK - Songs that remind us of them
  • Fanfictions - fanfiction archive
  • Download
    • FANART - Some of the best H/Hr fanarts in the fandom
    • ICONS - Show your support for H&Hr on your AOL IM or Message Board with animated and still avatars
    • WALLPAPERS - Decorate your desktop with Harry & Hermione
    • ANIMATIONS - Animations with Harry/Hermione
  • Site & Web
    • ABOUT SENSE & SENSIBILITY - The history behind this website
    • AFFILIATES - The wonderful websites that we are affiliated with
    • AWARDS - Awards this site has won so far
    • CREDITS & RESOURCES - Read the disclaimer and find out who helped us make the site what it is
    • PAST LAYOUTS - Check out the past layouts featured at the site and who designed them
    • LINK ME
    • LISTED - The many directories that Sense&Sensibility is listed at.
    • THANX TO - Girls who made this possible
    • THE GIRL BEHIND THIS SITE - Meet the webmiss behind this website
  • News & Updates


Arwen first opened the site under the name "Under my Skin" and the site was in Italian only, it was hosted to her domain: It was later closed due to lack of Harry Potter news and Arwen's want of making an English site. It was then opened again on June 18, 2005 with the new name "Sense & Sensibility", inspired by the Jane Austen novel[1].


  1. Site History