Send the Marines

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Title: Send the Marines
Creator: Mary S Van Deusen
Date: Originally created c. 1988-1994; remastered September, 2005
Format: avi
Length: 15MB
Music: "Send the Marines" by Tom Lehrer
Genre: humor
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
*Download Link on The Circuit Archive
*Vidder's Website

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"Send the Marines" is a The Professionals vid by Mary S Van Deusen. It was originally created circa 1988-1994 and remastered by the vidder in September, 2005. This is a humourous vid, as categorised by the vidder.



I've been listening to a lot of my tapes and the radio recently data entry being the exciting thing that it is and I've been thinking some about the fact that there are quite a few songs that make me automatically think of certain fandoms specifically because music vids. Sometimes it might not have been a song used that I would have thought of automatically, but it was made into such a great vid that it just seemed to define the fandom for me. Does anyone have specific favorites? These are the ones I would choose to show someone who wanted some kind of music vid to explain a fandom to them. (Don't ask me who would need this. Maybe Devo dropped in.)

[other fandom recs snipped]

PROS: Probably "Send the Marines"(MVD). I know a very good SAAB vid has been done to this, but I just think of Pros automatically when I think of this song. Also "Deteriorata" (DJ). [1]


  1. ^ comment by Michelle Christian on Virgule-L, quoted with permission (July 21, 1997)