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Title: Semi-Automatic
Author(s): IndiraIshra
Date(s): October 2019 -
Length: 240k words; 98 chapters
Genre: Alpha/Beta/Omega AU, slash
Fandom: BTS
External Links: ao3 link, Archived version

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Semi-Automatic is a BTS fanfic by IndriaIshra. It is an Alpha/Beta/Omega AU. The main pairing is Jeon Jungkook/Everyone.

On the Archive of Our Own, it is the thirty seventh most popular BTS fanwork by hit count. As of February 2021, the work has over 262,000 hits, 6,900 kudos, 3,400 comments, and 1,200 bookmarks.


Summary: Looking back on the moment, Jungkook will blame his automatic answer on a number of things – blood loss, painkillers, that nausea-or-hunger combo you get when not very well but can’t tell which is which.

Jimin brandished his spoon at Jungkook hotly, still in conversation with Hoseok, and said, “Being Unpresented isn’t rare, look at Kookie.”

And Jungkook replied, “I’m not Unpresented, I’m an Omega.”

On any other day Taehyung losing juice through his nose would have been funny.

Reactions and Reviews

I looove long fics and the journey the author puts JK through in this is so good[1]

sooooo good, a good lengthy read, but also still incomplete! gang au in the a/b/o verse, has the perfect dash of gang grittiness and ot7 love![2]