See It in Your Eyes

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Title: See It In Your Eyes
Publisher: EquinoxeArt
Author(s): Pantha
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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See It In Your Eyes is a slash 129-page novel by Pantha. The story is an AU fix-it type story for the episode of "Beneath the Surface."


No matter what the universe throws at Jack and Daniel, they intrinsically find what they need in each other. Daniel has the need to be surrounded by Jack's love and be accepted, and Jack has the need to surround Daniel with his love and make things work for him. An equal balance has to be struck between these two strong men, in both their personal and work relationships. Can they make it happen before everything falls apart? [1]

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

I'm a big SG-1 fan, big enough that like many other fans, I too don't care for the Jack/Sam leanings the show took in the last few seasons. I bought this particular zine for two reasons: one, it's a "fixit" type of story, turning a J/S episode into a J/D one, and two, this zine was used and cost me much less than buying it new would have...

The layout isn't half bad and the screencaps lean towards the artistic with manips and creative blurring. The story is even mildly interesting, which is what gave me pause in classifying this zine. What finally decided it for me though was the way this thing is written. I strongly suspect that this author is in love with the good ole' romance novel. Every single strongly emotional scene -- including the sex -- is written in high purple prose, complete with the requisite throbbing manhoods. Whenever the author makes an attempt to break away from that style, the results are both disturbing and unintentionally humorous. (Referring to the flaccid genitalia as a "limp mass" comes to mind.) The sex is quite often simply unrealistic, showing a lack of knowledge on the author's part concerning m/m sex. (One scene in particular would require both men to be double jointed and have nerve endings in very odd places.)

The author also seems unable to end the story, providing multiple epilogues as though posting to a mailing list. Overall this zine is rather immature in the writing. There is a hint of promise showing through here which helped in making this difficult to classify, but I simply couldn't get over the bodice-ripper style and lack of practical knowledge exhibited in this one. It wasn't agonizing to read but nor was it in any way a joy. I was happy to finally get to the end... [2]


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