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Title: Savvy?
Publisher: Asylum Press, Lionheart Distribution
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Language: English
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cover by TJ

Savvy? is a 228-page slash anthology of Jack Sparrow/Will Turner fiction by Creed Cascade and TJ. Color cover, b&w interiors by TJ.

Publisher's description: "Slashy and kinky tales of Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr. Will Turner on the open seas."

  • ‘Love’s Phantom’ What if Bootstrap Bill had been affected by the curse?
  • ‘To Dream’ When Will starts to receive mysterious orders, he also begins to dream about the person behind them.
  • ‘Secret Needs’ Jack is just a bit too familiar with how to work a corset.
  • ‘The Cabin Boy’ Will decides he needs to work on some of Jack’s bad habits because, after all, he’s not the Captain’s cabin boy.....
  • ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me’ Will is about to marry Elizabeth and....
  • ‘Devil Ship’ Did the curse really leave the Black Pearl alone?