Sappho! (multimedia zine published in Germany)

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Title: Sappho!
Publisher: The Universe
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print zine
Size: 135 pages
Genre: femslash
Fandom: multifandom
Language: German
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Sappho! logo

Sappho! is a German femslash anthology (it was usually referred to as a LadySlash zine). The call for stories went out in 2001 and the zine originally was supposed to be published in 2002, but there were delays and it wasn't published before 2004. The zine is 135 pages long.


  • Wenn auf Bajor die Fischer... by Dominique Destine (Star Trek: DS9).
    Pairing: Kira/Leeta.
  • Am Ende eines Tages by Natascha (Stargate SG-1).
    Pairing: Sam/Janet.
  • Geteiltes Leid by BR (Star Trek TOS).
    Pairing: Chapel/Leila.
  • Stille Verbundenheit by Inlia (Gladiator).
    Pairing: Lucilla/Lydia.
  • Seelenfeuer by Lady Charena (Star Trek TOS)
  • Let the sunshine in by Dominique Destine (Farscape)
  • Auf heiligem Boden by Morphelia (Star Trek: DS9)
  • Sam und Janet by Sam (Stargate SG-1).
    Pairing: Sam/Janet.
  • Der Besuch by Daisy-Grace (X-Files)