Samizdat Barrayar

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Title: Samizdat Barrayar
Publisher: Patricia Mathews
Date(s): early to mid 1990s
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Language: English
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Samizdat Barrayar is a Vorkosigan anthology printzine series published by Patricia Mathews that appeared in the early to mid 1990s. The title presumably references "samizdat", privately duplicated underground publications which circulated in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s.[1] It accepted fanfiction, fan poetry and filks, as well as articles, essays and book reviews. It may have been associated with Miles' Minions, a Bujold fanclub which also issued a newsletter, Dendarii Dispatch.[2]

The zine ran to at least ten issues, until at least November 1994, and possibly as late as 1995.[3] A single copy of an omnibus edition also circulated in the late 1990s with Pat's permission.[4][5][6]

Pat wrote in June 1998:

It's been out of print for some time. I have one omnibus copy that's been circulating around ...
I stopped publishing it when my readers and contributors started vanishing into the night. I figured that meant it wasn't a very good fanzine.[6]


A few works known to have appeared in the zine are listed below.

Issue 3

Appeared in April 1991. Content included:

Issue 4

Appeared in August 1991. Content included:

Issue 5

Appeared on 29 November 1991. Content included:

Issue 6 or 7

Appeared in July 1992. Content included:

Issue 8

Appeared in summer 1993. Content included:

Issue 9

Appeared in winter 1993. Content included:

Issue 10

Appeared in November 1994. Content included:

Unknown Issue

The following story appeared in an unknown issue of the zine:


S.B. was *marvelous*! I vastly enjoyed reading it. (Kay Carrasco)[4]


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