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Synonyms: PG, Sallie!Safe
See also: Machete Beta
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Sallie safe is an Philedom (X-Files fandom) term which was used as a content rating in early X-Files fanfiction, especially from the 1990s. The origin of the term is currently unknown, but is most likely created by a fan that preferred to read/requested PG rated stories that contained no NC-17 content or Character Death, Stories that someones old, conservative aunt can read and enjoy.

Another possible origin is an early X-Files Fan fic beta called Sallie who referred only beta a certain kind of stories. In a handful of earlier Fan fic that is archived at Gossamer stories can found where somebody called Sallie is thanked for their beta work often these stories are categorized as "Sallie safe".

"At that point, I take our two heroes on a different

journey--one that is guaranteed to be 99.9% sallie-safe.

Many thanks to sallie for her support and wonderful beta work."

The disclaimer to I Was Thinking About You (1/2) PG13 MSR/Casefile by Katie Phillips by Katie Phillips
Sallie usually acts as Part 2 of my beta team. However, since I wrote a story that isn't Sallie-safe, she could not participate in the beta process. I missed ya, honey! Hope to catch ya with the next one. Author notes for All of Life's Etcetera by Rae

Liminal currently finds 441 stories tagged as sallie safe[1] archived at Gossamer and xphilefic.

The antonym is "not Sallie safe", which means a story with explicit or gruesome content.

Examples of Sallie safe fanworks

Example of story rates as NOT Sallie safe