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Synonyms: Sallie!Safe
See also: Machete Beta
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Sallie safe is an Philedom (X-Files fandom) term which was used as a content rating in early X-Files fanfiction, especially from the 1990s. The origin of the term is an early X-Files beta, Salliejohns, who refused to read fic with torture or heavy angst.[1]

"At that point, I take our two heroes on a different

journey--one that is guaranteed to be 99.9% sallie-safe.

Many thanks to sallie for her support and wonderful beta work."

The disclaimer to I Was Thinking About You (1/2) PG13 MSR/Casefile by Katie Phillips by Katie Phillips
Sallie usually acts as Part 2 of my beta team. However, since I wrote a story that isn't Sallie-safe, she could not participate in the beta process. I missed ya, honey! Hope to catch ya with the next one. Author notes for All of Life's Etcetera by Rae

Liminal currently finds 441 stories tagged as sallie safe[2] archived at Gossamer and xphilefic.

Examples of Sallie safe fanworks

Example of story rates as NOT Sallie safe


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