Sainan no Kekka

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Title: Sainan no Kekka: Tragedy's Consequence
Author(s): Gerald Tarrant & Quicksilver
Date(s): 2001 - 2008 ???
Length: ~590,000
Genre: post-canon, action adventure, science fiction, gen, bob
Fandom: Gundam Wing
External Links: Sainan no Kekka website;

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Sainan no Kekka is a Gundam Wing fanfiction story in 13 acts and four arcs: Revelation, Relics, Betrayals and Rebirth, plus a number of side stories. It claims to be "the longest canon-based GW fic on the net".

Recs & Reviews

  • "This is intended to be a continuation that feels like the Gundam Wing series — full of politics, action, and characters who are confused about their purpose. I think that for the most part the authors succeeded, despite some rough patches. It's a refreshing change from fandom at large. Romance plays about as important a role as it does in canon, if even that, so don't let the pairings scare you off if you don't like them."[1]


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