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Synonyms: gen
Related: het, slash
See Also: pairing
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"Bob" is a term used by some fanfic writers as a variance of gen to indicate a story that has sexual elements or pairings, but those are not central; the definition used by musesfool in her meta about gen, is "stories where there is a sexual element but it is not the point of the story".[1]

It was coined in 2007 by vehemently and first used by Cofax: "I just don't know that segregating fic by just this one criteria is the best way to solve it. Eh. I may just do as Vee suggests, and label all my stories "Bob" in future." [2] The original suggestion was made in jest, and a proposed change was made to Mix, but fans being fans, Bob is the term that took off.[3]

"Bob" appears to be a term with a limited, narrow usage.


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