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Name: Sabriel Mini Bang, S & G Mini Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2013
Moderator(s): enmuse, wolfish_willow
Founder: enmuse, wolfish_willow
Type: Mini Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
URL:; archive link
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The Sabriel Mini Bang was a mini big bang challenge in Supernatural focused on the pairing of Gabriel/Sam Winchester. Writers had to write a story that was either 5,000 or 10,000 words, and the artists had to make one or two pieces of art based on who they were paired with, types of art accepted were original illustrations, photo manips, vids, fanmixes that includes cover art.



Title: An Angel Forgets What A Hunter Always Remembers
Author: tremble_beloved
Artist: last_winterrose
Genre: Romance, angst
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Mpreg… sorta
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,858
Summary: Six months after being killed by Lucifer, Gabriel shows up on the Winchester's doorstep. The only problem is, he doesn't remember Sam, their relationship, or the ready to hatch egg he left behind.

Title: A Heart's True Haven
Author: wolfish_willow
Artist: this_impulse
Genre: Slash // First time, Angst, Romance, Schmoop
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, background Dean/Castiel
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,364
Summary: The Apocalypse is over, but Gabriel's starting to spend time away between hunts and Castiel is the only one who knows where his brother goes. While Sam tries to ignore the way it feels like his friend is leaving him behind, he gets curious. And Gabriel wants something he thinks he can't have so he creates the next best thing. A Sam Winchester copy.

Title: Sam Winchester Cries His Way Through Sex
Author: rainyrocket
Artist: deadflowers5
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: bordering on non-con, humiliation, bottom!Sam, bottom!Gabriel, rough sex, spanking, collar, leash, drug abuse, blood abuse, ass abuse
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,634
Summary: Gabriel is pissed off, he made Sam an offer, but Sam declined, so Gabriel kidnaps Sam and turns his world into a porn without plot, brought to you by the trickster, the archangel, the only one Gabriel.

Title: Road to the Apocalypse
Author: auntmo9
Artist: viviantanner
Genre: Gen; Comedy/Humor
Pairings: None
Warnings: Language; while the story itself is mostly a comedy, because it is set during the Apocalypse there are mentions of massacres and a mention of a past run-in with a pedophile. Spoilers through 5.19 Hammer of the Gods, though it goes AU after 5.10 Abandon All Hope
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18,881
Summary: Shortly after the events at Carthage, on a seemingly normal hunt, Dean and Cas disappear. Not knowing who else to turn to and fearing the worst, Sam asks Gabriel for his help in locating both of their brothers. In return, Sam reluctantly agrees that Gabriel can feel free to try and convince Sam to play his role in the Apocalypse, he just isn't making any promises that he will consent to anything. What follows next is an adventure that pays tribute to the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road to movies, with a trip to a carnival where Sam has to wrestle an octopus. And Dean and Cas have disappeared into a unique set of problems of their own, leaving Dean to suspect that Sam might be in more trouble than he realizes.

Title: After School Ghost Story
Author: actually_tragic
Artist: redneckflex
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel with background Dean/Castiel, Merlin/Arthur (From BBC's Merlin) make a short cameo [don't worry if you haven't seen Merlin, the play quite a minor rol and can even be read as OCs].
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,853
Summary: Welcome to the Lawrence High Supernatural Club, where mysteries are solved and truths are revealed. It's Sam Winchester's second year as a member of this unpopular after school club, and although he has no interest in Ghosts and Ghouls, he does have an interest in Gabriel Novak, the Club Chairman and Magician-in-training. Between staking out haunted houses, researching for club and visiting Gabriel at the magic emporium he works at, Sam's got a lot going on in his life. He's just lucky Dean and Castiel are so skilled in avoiding club meetings, leaving him alone with his long-time crush.

Title: In Full Color
Author: hey_mister_dj
Artist: ziarenete13x
Genre: Slash // AU, fluff
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Human/Civilian!AU, mentions of verbally abusive John Winchester, frottage, paint used in a sexual situation (safely), various mentions of Jessica, Meg, Ruby, Bela, Crowley, and Ellen (yes, this is actually a warning)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,666
Summary: After Stanford, Sam starts a new life in New York City. Everything is pretty run-of-the-mill, until he meets Gabriel, an artist who uses unorthodox colors to paint everyday scenes and ends up with a friend in all the unfamiliarity of the city.

Title: Reparations
Author: jennytork
Artist: mandos_sama
Genre: Gen, AU
Pairings: N/A (potential pre-Dean/Castiel)
Warnings: language, AU, the character of Castiel is played by Genevieve Cortese…
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~5,230
Summary: It's time to make a few reparations to put the world to rights where it went spectacularly wrong. Dean should not be in Hell, but he is. Sam should not be alone, but he is. Can one Trickster and one psychic brother defeat Lilith on their own?

Title: The Things I'll Never Say
Author: theinsaneeraser
Artist: rubystandish
Genre: Angst, HS!AU, Humor, Kink: satyriasis, Kink: Semi-Public Sex, Schmoop
Pairings: Balthazar/Castiel/Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Lucifer, John/Mary
Warnings: None
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,558
Summary: Having a boyfriend living in Kansas is hard… having three, well, lets say difficult doesn't cover is when one is a sexaholic, one is a candy-addict and the other could be your brain twin. High school is supposed to be the best years of your life… I think they just might be right.

Title: Big Ugly Wings
Author: bballgirl3022
Artist: lynndyre
Genre: Romance, wing fic with some fluff, schmoop, and a little angst
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel and Dean/Castiel
Warnings: brief mention of self-mutilation
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8,712
Summary: Gabriel has been teased for his wings his whole life. His adult life isn't any better. His job is lackluster. He can't find anyone who he'd even consider mating, but all that changes the day he sets eyes on Sam Winchester.

Title: That Dust Has Only
Author: [personal profile] jenwryn
Artist: olive_jeans
Genre: Femslash, Het, AU, preg!fic
Pairings: girl!Sam/Gabriel, girl!Sam/girl!Gabriel
Warnings: genderswap, screwed-up canon
Rating: M
Word Count: 7,737
Summary: In which Sam is pregnant despite not having gotten any lately, miracles are getting their wires crossed, and of course the only logical conclusion is that Cas should be fixed by any means possible. Set post Season 6, and obviously written before having seen any of Season 7.

Title: Saved By An Angel
Author: isolus_gurl
Artist: this_impulse
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel and background established Dean/Castiel
Warnings: May be traumatic to victims of bullying
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,762
Summary: Sam is having problems at school and doesn't trust anyone to tell them. When Gabriel shows up in his life however things may just be about to change for the better, especially as Gabriel seems to be having problems of his own. Can they help each other?

Title: Lies
Author: trollmela
Artist: siiy, solara1357
Genre: Slash, angst, Alternate Universe
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, mentions of Sam/Ruby
Warnings: angst, excessive drinking, language, temporary death (canon)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18,886
Summary: For Sam, it was all too easy to go from trusting a demon to trusting a Trickster. But despite whatever it was that Sam and Loki had started, Sam wouldn't listen to the demigod's warnings. He didn't know that time was running out but Loki did and if he wanted to avert the apocalypse he knew was coming, he had to take a more active role and play his role of the Trickster to perfection.

Title: I Melted Wax To Fix My Wings
Author: aceofannwn
Artist: solara1357
Genre: Slash, het, alternate universe, friendship/romance, humor
Pairings: Sam/girl!Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Warnings: Some angst, but not that much
Rating: R
Word Count: 26,500+
Summary: After four torturous months Sam has his brother back, but Dean is accompanied by an angel with a terrible task for them both: help stop the impending apocalypse, or see the world destroyed. Sam has no idea what to do next – which is right when the Trickster turns up, blonde and female this time but as maddening as ever… and offering her assistance…

Title: Forming A Pack
Author: ladyiantojones
Artist: viviantanner
Genre: Sash, AU, Fusion/Crossover with The Sentinel
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Warnings: Violence
Rating: R
Word Count: 26,651
Summary: Sam is a Sentinel with no Guide, Gabriel a Guide with no Sentinel. To save John Winchester, the two must work together and overcome their differences.

Title: The Importance of Truth
Author: stellawind
Artist: v_son_sayian
Genre: Drama, AU
Pairings: very minor Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Manipulation, Character death
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,200
Summary: Mystery Spot AU. One Tuesday, Gabriel slips up, and Dean is sent to Hell months ahead of schedule. Now, this early Apocalypse wouldn't be a problem for Gabriel, but Sam's stubbornness has made things… complicated.

Title: No One Would Riot For Less (formerly Dream A Little Dream)
Author: narukyu
Artist: ziarenete13x
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, some past het pairings
Warnings: violence, language, sex, temporary character deaths, vague talk of torture, false idols, blasphemy, apocalypse is nigh, a Trickster's idea of 'help', unreliable narrators, unhelpful time-lines, angst, selectively enforced amnesia, elements of dubious consent, 6x22, fix-it fic, etc.
Rating: R
Word Count: ~70,000
Summary: Family reunions are a time of fun and good eating, or so Dean thinks. He plans on making this year's reunion the best one yet, and he even got Sam to stop bitching long enough to drive back home and help. Sure, Cas is acting a little weird – donning the old trench coat like a lame ass caped crusader – but there's nothing wrong between the two of the. Ever. So don't even start. Sam, on the other hand, isn't feeling quite so content. He's dealing with a concussion or an out of body experience or something, because everything around him just feels wrong, from the tie around his neck to the shocking presence of Jess in his life. His confusion is only heightened by increasingly cryptic texts from a contact he's saved as 'Loki' – a contact that he doesn't remember making. Loki seems to hold all the answers, including the answer to one disturbing question Sam can't quite let go of—why does he think most of their family and friends should be long dead and buried? Dean's belligerently happy. Sam's genuinely confused. But to everyone else, life is just perfect. Maybe a little too perfect.

Title: Through the Brightest Fell
Author: tornknees
Artist: rubystandish
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, mild Dean/Lisa
Warnings: mentions of torture, character death (not Sam or Dean or Gabriel), gore, wind damage, something that could be considered a permanent injury
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 34,750
Summary: Season 6 AU, with spoilers for all of season six. Sam spent six months in the Cage, but he wasn't alone. A year after losing his brother Dean abandons civilian-life to take on a hunt that's left a trail of bodies over the last six months in a pattern that he has no doubt is about him and he discovers Sam is at the center of it; all of it stemming from the Apocalypse and tied in with the civil war in Heaven.

Title: Dirty Tricks
Author: meh_forget_it
Artist: mangacrack
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Bit of angst, mentions of past abuse (in the form of verbal/neglect), heavily implied male/male sexual acts, artistic license used with regards to character traits (:D), complete disrespect for SPN canon?
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,465
Summary: Seven years ago, Sam Winchester ran away from his only family, and was found by one of the very things he had been brought up to hate and hunt. Instead of following instinct and killing (or trying to) the trickster, Sam became its apprentice. Now, after a small oversight brings the attention of hunters to their pranking grounds, Sam is about to face his past and own up to the reasons why he left his brother behind.

Title: Where All My Journeys End
Author: enmuse
Artist: chaosraven
Genre: Slash (and pre-slash)
Pairings: Gabriel/Sam (implied Bobby/Crowley, subtexty Castiel/Dean)
Warnings: Lots of H/C (heavier on the angst than the comfort); emotional and physical torture, canonical character deaths (temporary)
Rating: R
Word Count: 42,000+
Summary: A tale in three acts beginning in canon season five and continuing after with reinterpretation. Act 1: Team Free Will, with a recently added team member, struggle to maintain faith in their cause and fight to stop the Apocalypse. Act 2: Interlude, in which the dead don't stay dead, a demon sticks around, and Dean's drunken brainstorm pans out. Act 3: Sam has trouble adjusting after his time in Hell. Castiel returns to ask for help finding a militant group of angels just in time for an amnesiac Gabriel to show up to demand what the heck is going on.

Title: A Vessel of Judgment
Author: aquariell
Artist: ivyadrena
Genre: Romance
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Two brief instances of torture, angst
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,493
Summary: Sam has always felt drawn to Gabriel. Even back when he was just some janitor. Until now he'd never really given it any thought.

Title: The Completely Accurate and True Story of How Gabriel Saved Everyone's Asses and Stopped the Apocalypse
Author: gloryofspring
Artist: mandos_sama
Genre: Gen, Pre-slash, Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, mentions of past "Loki" relationships
Warnings: AU for Season 5, blatant misuse of Norse and Trickster mythology since I am no expert.
Rating: R
Word Count: 49,000+
Summary: Hello, all you mere mortals! Gabriel here. I'm told you need a summary for this little story. Of course, I don't see why. The title isn't a description enough? If you really need more than that, this is the story of how the completely awesome and practically all-powerful Trickster/pagan god/Archangel saved humanity with some help from the most ragtag bunch of creatures in the universe. No, really. Okay, so maybe they did more than give a little help. But it was all my idea so the credit is mine.

Title: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
Author: wincest_whore
Artist: reapertownusa
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Warnings: molestation, spell work
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,289
Summary: Gabriel is Sam's personal angel and is rather fond of his charge, so when he sees Dean flirting non-stop despite Sam being next to him, he decides to teach Dean a lesson – and have some fun. He casts a powerful love spell on Sam. People start hitting on Sam – Ellen, Jo, fellow hunters, even demons seem affected. While at first Sam shrugs it off, it soon gets out of hand. After being molested, Sam and Dean flee to Bobby in hopes that he's not affected and he can help. Gabriel realizes the spell has gone horribly wrong when people are now getting rough when they try to get to Sam to 'love' them and are using more forceful methods; Sam has already been molested and is genuinely scare that someone under the spell will attack, hurt or rape him. Will they be able to break the spell in time? Or will Sam fall victim to one of his new 'fans'?

Title: Ridiculous
Author: ms_barcode
Artist: gblvr
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel (eventual); Dean/Castiel (established); mentions of various past relationships for both Sam and Gabriel, as well as Dean; Balthazar/Everyone/Everything
Warnings: Sex, masturbation, mentions of euthanasia
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 37,373
Summary: Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak have known each other for years, since Sam was in high school and Gabriel was in his junior year of University. Thirteen years later, Gabriel is a pediatrician at New York General, the same hospital where Sam works as the legal counsel. Neither knows that the other has carried a torch for them for the better portion of those thirteen years, but just about everyone else and their dog is no stranger to the fact. Having had enough, Sam's older brother Dean, and Gabriel's younger brother, Castiel, concoct a plan to force the two to admit their feelings for each other – or move on with moving on – and are joined in their mission by a wide array of characters from across the series. If this sounds like your standard rom-con, that's because it is! Laughs and good times are a promise!

Title: A Star To Steer By
Author: neotoma
Artist: viviantanner, rubystandish
Genre: Werewolf AU
Pairings: Sam/Jess/Gabriel
Warnings: abortion, intersexuality, gendered violence
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28,945
Summary: Sam left home because he wanted to get an education – but last year, his brother Dean found him and dragged him home. Now, Sam is trying to escape again, this time with the help of Jessica and their friend Gabriel. All they have on their side is skill, guile, and mathematics.

Title: Never Gonna Give You Up
Author: theblackrose16
Artist: v_son_sayian
Genre: Semi AU | Slash
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, hints of Dean/Castiel
Warnings: References to child abuse/molestation, violence, character death, language, adult sexual situations, spoilers for season 1 through 5
Rating: NC-17 overall
Word Count: 23,075
Summary: Sam has always believed in angels and nothing anyone said has ever convinced him otherwise. Dean has always wondered how his brother could be so sure, to speak as though he knew beyond a doubt that there are good forces in the world, that angels do exist especially with all the crap that they've dealt with on a daily basis. Maybe it has something to do with that fact that Sam has a guardian angel he never told anyone about?


Title: Knowledge Is Everything
Author: 30stmaddict
Artist: xandrium
Genre: AU
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Warnings: Implications of abuse,
Tier/Word Count: Tier 1 / 5025 words
Summary: In the not-so-far-off future, instead of selling kidneys people sell brains. The more knowledge held, the more expensive the brain. People undergoing the operation after having their brain sold have a small chance of survival. When your brain is sold you live as a vegetable, or you lose everything you've ever known. Unfortunately, Sam Winchester's brain has recently been sold to one Gabriel Novak. Gabriel is the perfect buyer, he invites Sam and Dean to stay with him, cooks their meals and generally is very kind to them. For some reason though, he keeps pushing back the operation date.

Title: Poco a Poco
Author: nommunication
Artist: strikertrick
Genre: High School Orchestra!AU; slash
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, plus a sprinkling of pre-destiel
Warnings: non-penetrative sexytiems (participants aged at least 16) and terrible, terrible puns.
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2 / 24k
Summary: St Alban’s School of The Holy Trinity is a private institution whose prestigious orchestra has earned itself the nickname “The Heavenly Host”. This semester, the Host has graciously allowed a few musicians from the public high school to join them; that’s where Sam Winchester comes in. He hoped that he could keep his flute down and quietly enjoy this opportunity without Dean punching one of the rich assholes in the face, but apparently he’s doomed to catch the attention of the loud-mouthed French horn player who sits behind him and has a height inferiority complex.

Title: Lost Prayers
Author: lydierr
Artist: mangacrack
Genre (slash, het, or gen): Gen, pre-slash
Pairing: pre Sam/Gabriel, hinted one-sided Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG. There is some cursing and hinted violence, nothing too descriptive
Warnings: There is some hinted violence from Sam's time in the cage. Character death? Sam is trapped in the Cage with Michael and Lucifer.
Tier/Word Count:Tier 1 / 5397 words
Summary: This takes place after Hammer of the Gods except, Gabriel doesn't die, though he does manage to trick everyone into believing that he had. He finds out about Sam's plan to say "Yes" to Lucifer and fling them both into the Cage too late to stop it. Gabriel shows up at Stull Cemetery just in time to see Sam jumping into the cage and dragging Michael down with him. Gabriel swears to Sam that he will find a way to free him, somehow.

Title: This Scene Won't Play
Author: oomnydevvotchka
Artist: sabrea91
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, background Dean/Castiel
Rating: M
Warnings: Attempted non-con
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2/10,420
Summary: AU after season 5. After being brought back from the dead, powerless, by a romance-crazed Chuck, Gabriel is plopped down in the Winchester brothers’ motel room with a task to complete: find and kiss his true love within a month. Also known as Gabriel is a Disney Princess.

Title: Family Thing
Author: jennytork
Artist: wispchild
Genre: AU
Pairing (if applicable): Sam and Gabriel friendship, background Dean/Castiel(female vessel)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Definite AU. Castiel played by Genevieve Cortese. Michael played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Tier/Word Count: word count 5605
Summary: Sequel to Reparations. Hell's half of the averted Apocalypse has been dealt with. Now, it's Heaven's turn. For Gabriel and Sam, this becomes - truly - a family thing.

Title: I Always Have Time For You
Author: philomathical
Artist: slowsunrise
Genre: College!AU
Pairing (if applicable): Gabriel/Sam
Rating: Teen.
Warnings: Some ableism.
Tier/Word Count: Tier 1/ 8,952
Summary: Studying, exams, and the payoff at the end of it all.

Title: Patchwork Selves
Author: cynassa
Artist: ziarenete13x
Genre: Action-Adventure/Romance
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: R for non graphic torture
Warnings: Non graphic torture. Non-permanent character death.
Tier/Word Count: 6,706
Summary: AU from S5. Gabriel's daughter Hel forces him to see that everyone will die if either Lucifer or Michael win. So he joins Team Free Will which no one at all is happy about. Then he has to face Lucifer, and his three children (Hel, Fenrir and Jorm) can only see one way of making sure he doesn't die- tying him to Sam.

Title: Maybe Baby
Author: nileflood
Artist: the wonderful lynndyre
Beta: the fantastic casness
Genre: Slash / Mpreg
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Castiel/Dean, past Gabriel/Kali
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sexual situations
Tier/Word Count: Higher Tier / 29,578
Summary: Sam is an up-and-coming young man within the legal profession, with a good job and prospects in an international firm. He’s sensible and level-headed, and as such when he shared a drunken moment with the janitor of their office, it throws him. He would have gotten over it, probably, if said janitor hadn’t then told him he was pregnant. Sam’s life quickly descends into chaos as he tries to work out if he really has knocked-up a gold-digger, or if things aren’t really as bad as all that.

Title: Coming Forth by Day
Author: ms_barcode
Artist: andlatitude
Genre: Slash, with a side of gen
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some graphic descriptions of violence
Tier/Word Count: 2nd Tier/ 21, 522 words
Summary: The sensation that someone or something is following you isn't one that most relish. Even for the seasoned hunters that are the Winchesters and Castiel, it isn't a welcome feeling. It's how people end up like Frank Devereaux. And no one wants to end up like Frank Devereaux; at least, not among the three of them. When Sam takes matters into his own hands to shed light on their otherworldly stalker, however, he finds a bit more than he bargained for. And something else too. They say big blessings come in small packages, and with the lingering fear of something at their backs, this is one big blessing in one small package that may just be able to help.

Title: That Boy is a Monster
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: paula_lirio
Genre: Slash
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Jimmy Novak
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage character (Sam is 15), canon levels of violence, masturbation
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2, 11040
Summary: John Winchester drags his sons to a small town to investigate the strange disappearances that have been happening around there for the past few years. Sam finds himself haunted by a candy wrapper and Dean is no help because he’d rather make out with a strange guy at the library then notice Sam’s crisis. Things then go from bad to worse when Sam is kidnapped by a cult intent on sacrificing him to their god – Loki.

Title: Special
Author: theangel_ahead
Artist: wispchild
Genre: AU, fluff, kid!fic
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, brief Sam/Ruby, mentions of Sam/Jess
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, slash
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2, 51,300
Summary: Sam's wife Jess dies in a tragic accident, leaving him and their autistic daughter Leigh heartbroken. After living with Sam's brother for a year, Sam decides to get a fresh start in his life and start moving on from the terrible loss. He moves into an apartment in the heart of the city that only has one real blessing about it: the bakery across the street. The coffee there is the best Sam's ever tasted and the pastries are absolutely to die for. Best of all, it's owned by two brothers, Gabriel and Castiel Novak, and Leigh is immediately smitten with them. The brothers are equally taken by her and they soon become Sam's closest friends. They help him raise Leigh and, at the same time, get his life back on track. Along the way, Sam finds himself drawn particularly to Gabriel, who's crude, loud, obnoxious, and nothing like what he's usually attracted to.

Title: The Man Comes Around
Author: neotoma
Artist: viviantanner
Genre: slash (but very mild slash)
Pairing (if applicable): Castiel/Dean, Sam/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some cursing and dirty jokes.
Author's Notes: This story came out of the season 5 mid-season hiatus, so it breaks off after episode 5.10. Therefore, no Kali, no Chuck=God, and very different characteristics for the Horsemen. Thanks to greenygal for an excellent and very last-minute beta.
Tier/Word Count: 2nd tier, 23710 words
Summary: Castiel finds God. This doesn't solve the Apocalypse, but does bring Dean and Sam new tools to fight with—to wit, an entire garrison and their soon-to-hatch eggs and a Word of God, which not even archangels can resist for long. Figuring out how to use these new tools and in what ways is Sam's new problem, and Gabriel isn't exactly helpful.

Title: Apraxia Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Author: eneumann
Artist: pipariperho
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, I guess?
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: R/NC-17 for one graphic sex scene
Warnings: Badly written male male sex, military ptsd stuff that's badly portrayed, brain injuries (probably inaccurately portrayed but I did the best I could).
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2, ~17,200
Summary: What happens when your one night stand that you're sort of in love with comes back from Iraq with a life altering injury?

Title: Pelion, with all its woods.
Author: whit_merule
Artist: machidieles
Genre: Slashy pre-slash.
Pairing (if applicable): Gabriel/Sam, background Castiel/Dean.
Rating: Mature.
Warnings: Slight PTSD. Hints (without details) at intersexual characteristics.
Tier/Word Count: 10500.
Summary: Timestamp to my fantasy AU March-Stalkers Mighty, but should be readable independently. There is a longer summary at the fic for those who haven’t read the larger verse, with a little more information about the world and what’s happened to these characters previously. Out in the wide world beyond the known lands, a very long way from home, Castiel, Gabriel, and Sam have come up with a partial solution to the curse that had been placed on Sam. Now, Sam returns to consciousness, human-shaped again after a month on four feet, with Gabriel at his bedside. Gabriel’s fumbling attempts to soothe the pain of transformation tumble them hard and fast towards emotions and vulnerabilities that neither is ready to deal with.

Title: Haven't Had Enough
Author: jokersgf
Artist: hellootrickster
Genre: Season 2-Season 5
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel and small hint of Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Male/Male sex and profanity.
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2 / 16,711 words
Summary: Gabriel believes that Sam hasn't had enough of him so he is planning on sticking around a little longer. Hell, they might even be the best thing that could ever happen. This is loosely based off of what I consider is the perfect song for this pairing, Haven't Had Enough by Marianas Trench.

Title:So We Might Live Anew
Genre:slash, are faeries a genre?, canon change
Pairing (if applicable):Sam/Gabriel, very slight Anna/Jo
Rating:PG-13, for language and implied gore
Warnings:brief (temporary) major character death of the SPN sort. attempted disembowelment. implied eating of human beings by non-human creatures. really nothing worse than the show can be.
Author's Notes:Most of the faerie info in here is from actual faerie folklore, you can look it up and everything (I recommend this as a jumping off point if you want to look into the subject, they have great articles on lots of things that pertain to mythology/folklore). Anything not in traditional lore was changed for the purposes of the story. Also, a thank you to my lovely beta, Haley, my one-person support team!
Tier/Word Count:Tier 1/~10,500 words
Summary:Goes AU in the middle of 5.10, though there's vague canon monster spoilers through 6.09. It's the end of the world and, in addition to Lucifer, Sam has to worry about faeries of all things coming after him. But these faeries are a far cry from Tinkerbell, and they have a plan for both him and Gabriel. If they can get them. (I just really needed some faerie fic, ok?)

Title: Flowers for Gabriel.
Author: lilithrain.
Artist: rubystandish
Genre: kidfic, fluff, crack, partial dark fic, romance, hurt comfort, illness, mpreg, comedy.
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, Castiel/OFC.
Rating: From G to NC-17.
Warnings: Gabriel being adorable on a level, illness, MPREG, nightmares, hurt/comfort.
Tier/Word Count: Second Tier/36,382.
Summary: How many people were aware angels got sick? Not the Winchesters that's for damned sure, and for one of them in particualr; Sam, it's one hell of a ride. Mind you, it isn't all chicken soup and good times, one has to be careful around a sick angel. One never knows what could happen, from babies to "babies". If you're not careful, you can knock an angel up when they're sick. No one is complaining though, especially not Clint Eastwood. I mean, God.

Title:Half Unlearned (How to Live)
Author: hey_mister_dj
Artist: xnerim
Genre: Slash, hurt/comfort (kinda), AU for Season 8
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, slight hinted Dean/Cas
Rating: R
Warnings: feral!Gabriel, PTSD for Dean, mentions of the horrors of Purgatory, thoughts by Sam that could possibly interpreted as dubcon because Gabriel is in no state to reciprocate
Tier/Word Count: 2nd Tier/10,055 words
Summary: Dean and Castiel return from Purgatory, but they drag up an unexpected (and seriously broken) guest with them. Sam puts on some (figurative) scrubs and gets to work trying to coax Gabriel back to being civil and healthy. It's a long road back to normal for Gabriel and Sam nearly gives up on him more than once. But by the end, countless hours and candy bars and one purple beanbag chair later, Sam is glad he chose to help the archangel.


Title: What I Did This Summer
Author: nileflood
Artist: valiantparadox
Beta: cranberryveins
Characters: Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester
Genre: AU; Slash
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: teen/adult relationship
Tier/Word-count: 11000
Summary: Sam works a good white-collar job in the city, but every so often needs an escape to the country. He heads to his family's cabin, up in the mountains, but when he gets there he finds he's not the only one there trying to get away from it all. Gabriel, a seventeen year old runaway, has also made himself at home. Against his better judgement, Sam lets him stay, and finds himself becoming more and more attached to his resident runaway. Gabriel's flirtatious ways don't help, and in what might possibly be the biggest mistake of his life, Sam finds himself in bed with the teen. With no idea what to do, and in a blind panic, Sam steals Gabriel's phone, and calls his brother for advice.Thinking he’s doing the right thing, he also dials the number listed under “home”, letting Gabriel's family know where he is. When Gabriel’s older brother comes to collect him is when things really start to go wrong.

Title: Chippewa Lake Park
Author: hey_mister_dj
Artist: ziarenete13x
Word Count: 12,000
Rating: NC-17
Summary: On their way through town in Ohio, the Winchesters and their angels catch a case at an abandoned amusement park. Sam and Gabriel's constant bickering comes to a head and finally to something more than the simple, no-strings-attached hate-sex that they're used to. Even a melodramatic ghost in a Fun House can't stop the ball that's already started rolling. Maybe there's hope after all, even for a hunter with his fair share of fuck-ups and an archangel with so many more.

Title: Start It Up
Author: ereshai
Artist: minions4pie
Genre: AU, fluff
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: G
Warnings: Sam has a reaction that could be considered a panic attack; brief mentions of crappy childhoods, including bullying
Tier/Word Count: ~5,100
Summary: Sam starts his new life - new town, new apartment, and a new friend? Maybe if he ever meets the guy face to face.

Title: Camp Amber Lake
Author: winnywriter
Artist: paxilam
Genre: AU, fluff, hurt/comfort
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of past character death, dysfunctional family dynamics and screwed up childhoods. Nothing explicit. Also very brief animal cruelty, also not explicit.
Word count: 24,972
Summary: Camp Amber Lake has everything anyone could ever want in a summer camp: archery, canoes, hiking, camp fires, and so much more that Sam never found in any of the brochures. But he never expected to meet someone like Trickster, and never would have dreamed that they'd be anything close to friends. Well, it's a summer of surprises for everyone, and when Sam and the troublemaking Trickster are forced together by a prank gone wrong, he finds that there might be more to the older camper than he thought at first glance.

Title: Is Dinner Ready?
Author: cannoncanon
Artist: kdheart
Beta: Kika988
Characters: Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Genre: AU; fluff
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: T/PG-13
Tier/Word-count: 8609
Summary: This is a story about food, relationships, and self esteem. Gabriel's brother, Castiel, is marrying his longtime boyfriend, Dean Winchester. To help smooth things over with Castiel's new family, Gabriel has volunteered to cook for a church Christmas party. Things get complicated when Gabriel finds out the guy he's been flirting with at the restaurant where he works is Sam Winchester, Dean's little brother.

Title: The Winchester Family Circus
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: umi_malfoy
Beta: casness Characters: Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Anna, Jo
Genre: AU; Slash
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mpreg, references to alcohol abuse, references to eating disorders
Tier/Word-count: 14200
Summary: Gabriel ran away to join the circus, climbed the ranks and became a clown. He knows that he doesn't really belong however. John Winchester doesn't want him there. Sam is a different matter. Sam and Gabriel are having an affair, one that needs to remain secret, It would do, apart from a broken condom that leads to an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy that will force their secret into the light.

Title: Amor Litteras
Author: menofsweaters and moosetaches
Artist: saffron_zephyr
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, unrequited Sam/Lucifer, Lucifer/Michael if you squint
Rating: PG-13 for language and some sexual references
Warnings: None, unless any of the above pairings squick you out. It’s pretty tame.
Word Count: 19,377
Summary: Sam has been waiting for the Cherubim to match him up with his true love his entire life, but so far, he's had no luck. While Dean fully intends to stay a free-wheeling bachelor forever, Sam is desperate to find a match before his time runs out. When his brother is paired with an unlikely angel named Castiel, Sam is thrown head-first into a world of archangels, love letters, and an alarming amount of vests. However, as he gets closer to a particularly charming archangel named Gabriel, he starts to doubt the system. Hijinks include Gabriel in sock hop garb, spying on Dean and Cas, way too chipper Samandriel, creeper!Michael, and Gabriel and Lucifer fighting over Sam's pretty face (sort of).

Title: Limbo
Author: theangel_ahead
Artist: rosarubiginosa1
Word Count: 23,500
Genre: Pre-slash, Slash
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, hinted Dean/Castiel
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Character death (temporary), past attempted suicide, talk of suicide, descriptions of violence, dark themes
Summary: Season 5 AU where they fail to save the world. Sam, Cas, and Dean end up in a strange place that isn’t Hell, Heaven, or Purgatory. The only one there is Gabriel who tells them they’ve ended up in Limbo, and all the worlds around them are falling apart as a consequence of the Apocalypse. As they struggle to keep a balance in this new world, Sam gets closer to the angel he used to hate but finds him different, changed. As time goes on, Sam realizes that whatever took the light from the once bright angel is starting to affect all of them too and if they don’t find a way out soon, they’ll be lost forever.

Title: Le Roi de la Bête
Author: MissMoustachio
Artist: theblackrose16
Word Count: 16147
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Gabriel
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: None
Summary: When Sam Winchester agrees to take the place of his father in the castle of the enigmatic Prince of the Beasts, he doesn't anticipate the magic of the place touching him. And, as the months pass and the rose petals fall, it's clear that magic isn't the only influence on his heart... A Beauty and the Beast AU written for the Sabriel mini-bang 2013.

Title: Rufus Rising
Author: Eneumann
Artist: Kidezt
Word count: 11,205
Genre: Slash Romance
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Rating: Teen-ish (For minor sex allusions)
Warnings: Mentions of past homophobia, low self esteem, anger issues
Summary: Gabriel and Castiel move to Santa Fe, NM because Castiel was offered the job of a lifetime. While there, they meet Sam and Dean Winchester in a small bakery called Rufus Rising.

Title: Archangelica
Author: nommunication
Artist: mangacrack
Genre: slash, canon!verse until after 7x23
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: Mature (borderline NC-17)
Warnings: character death, body modification/mutilation, scars&cuts (so mild gore?). a sex scene or two, feels, and an excess of innuendo
Tier/Word Count:Tier 2, 33.3k
Summary: In the six months after Dick Roman’s explosion into a pile of black goo and Dean and Castiel’s disappearance, Sam has been leading a desperate (and so far unsuccessful) search for a way to bring them both back. What he really needs is help from someone with power and knowledge that he doesn’t have. With a big-ass ritual and a sprinkle of I do believe in archangels, I do, I do!, he manages to bring Gabriel - and by extension, the Norse god Loki - back to the land of the living. His chance to get his brother back may just lie in accessing a pagan side-door to purgatory - though of course, this is Sam Winchester we’re talking about here, and God forbid the universe make anything simple for him…

Title: Minotaur's Tale
Author: violethyena
Artist: strikertrick
Genre: Slash, Greek Mythology AU
Pairing (if applicable): Gabriel/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Cruelty towards mythological beasts. Non-graphic sex. Mentions imprisonment. Mentions of human flesh consumption by beasts but not detailed. Alcohol. Some brief beast vs. human violence in the beginning. Not all human anatomy, but not sexually detailed.
Tier/Word Count:Tier 2, Words 26,234
Summary: Sam is a minotaur taken from his herd at a young age. He grows up imprisoned for 10 years before he finally breaks free. Gabriel is the local satyr of Crete, the island where Sam finds himself. Gabriel shows Sam how to live in the forest and they grow close, comforted by each others' similarities. A party with a god only furthers the seal of their bond.

Title: A Star of Fate Inside
Author: artemischan
Artist: kdheart
Word Count: 18,235
Tier: second tier (10,000 +)
Genre: Het with a side of femslash
Pairing: Sabriel, Destiel on the side
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and R?
Warnings: Rule 63 (Sam, Dean, and Cas are all born females)
Summary: Samantha Winchester never figured her first semester of college would be so challenging. Between juggling an intense course-load, an irritating classmate, and learning to live with a new roommate (for once not her older sister), she's lucky to have a moment to herself. And that's not even taking into account the monsters she has to fight on an almost-daily basis. Good thing she's got some magical superpowers to help with that part. OR: The one where the Winchesters are, in fact, magical girls.

Title: Holding You We Make Two Spoons
Author: nrwendt
Artist: ziarenete13x
Genre: Human AU; Slash
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Brief mentions of past abuse: nothing too explicitly violent, but there is a scene in a flashback where Gabriel gets hit. Mild sexual stuff.
Tier/Word-count: Tier 2; 21,828
Summary: Sam and Gabriel were high school sweethearts. Now they live together in their very own house with their very own massive dog and five-year old daughter. Pure unadulterated schmoop.