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Fan Club
Name: STIC (Star Trek Italian Club), also published zines and essays under the name 'STIC Academy'
Dates: June 1986-today
Founder(s): Andrea "Shand" Cozzolino, Mariapia "Mir" Narducci
Country based in: Italy
Focus: Star Trek
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The STIC (Star Trek Italian Club) is a fan run Star Trek fan club that has since its inception become the official Star Trek franchise fan club for fans in Italy. The club has published numerous fanzines and hosted conventions with the Star Trek actors as guests.

From an article written by the fanclub (loosely translated into English):
"The nucleus of what would later become the Star Trek Italian Club took place in 1982 with a gathering of a narrow circle of friends united by a common passion: the universe of Star Trek in all its forms and its aspects. Without allowing themselves to be discouraged by the apparent fannish desert that surrounded them, the small group of enthusiasts began to publish INSIDE STAR TREK, a fanzine containing the available international news about the crew of the mythical spaceship Enterprise (along with updates on the films, novels, and memorabilia).

The club was formally launched in 1986 during the annual "Italian Sci-fi Convention" held in Montepulciano. The small group of friends then organized the first Star Trek convention in Italy and it was considered to be a remarkable success. Encouraged by the result, the six friends built on the concept, and in the June 1986 launched STIC®, STAR TREK ITALIAN CLUB. The purpose of the club is to bring together Star Trek enthusiasts and to sustain the aggregation of the trekker groups scattered across Italy, to inform enthusiasts of the latest news from the United States and from Italy, and to help them access Star Trek material....

...a few years after the founding of the club, the STIC began publishing the "Diari di Bordo", a fanzine made ​​by club members and whose proceeds are given to charity, along with personal donations from the Shareholders' Meeting and scores of other of charitable events. Among the charities supported in years past are: La Lega del Filo d'Oro, The Union Italian Lotta to the Dystrophy Muscular, Tendon, L'Albero dei Sogni, the AGEOP - Search on tumors and leukemias of the child, The Telephone Amico, Lo Specchio dei Tempi, Telefono Azzurro, to Unicef, the AIL ...

Since its birth, the STIC has focused on making Star Trek most widespread and popular TV show in Italy. For this purpose, the Club has since 1987 collaborated with book and comic publishing houses, has been empowered to supervise the Italian television edition of the new series, collaborating since 1990 with Reteitalia (Star Trek: The Next Generation), since 1994 with the RAI (for the telefilms of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager) and since 2003 with La7 (for Star Trek Enterprise).... Since 1992 STIC and Paramount Italy have collaborated on the output of new material of Star Trek videotapes and DVDs in Italy, contributing in a concrete way to dubbing of the un-aired episodes for of the various Star Trek series."[1]

In 2001, Paramount asked STIC to become to official Star Trek franchise fan club for Italy. As of April 2001, membership was estimated at about 6,500.[2]



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