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Title: SHON'AI
Editor(s): one them was Sandra Morrese
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: C.J. Cherryh
Language: English
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SHON'AI is a fanzine published 4 times a year by Cherryh's Khemeis, a fan group with a mutual interest in the works of C.J. Cherryh.

"The zine is member-written and may contain any of the following at any given time: LoCs, interviews with C.J. and/or other authors, Con reports, member news, articles of varying subjects, reviews, upcoming books and just about anything else the editors feel like throwing in, with the exception of fiction, which is not accepted at this time."

Issue 4

SHON'AI 4 was published in January 1996 and contains 54 pages. It was the last issue.

cover of issue #4

The front cover was by Karen Rennaux and Sandra Morrese, the back cover by Linda Michaels.

The interior art is by Lyne Masamitau, Karen Rennaux, and Rikki Winters.

  • Letter from the Editor (2)
  • Interview with C.J. Cherryh (3)
  • Member Publishing News (4)
  • The Familiar's Tales by Judith R. Conly (5)
  • Cherryh Crossword (8)
  • Writer's Self Esteem Series, part three (10)
  • Writer's Self Esteem Series, part four (14)
  • Can You Believe They Said This? (17)
  • DAW Books Gallery (19)
  • Crossword Answers (54)