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Journal Community
Name: sga_episodefic
Date(s): Jan 2008 - present
Moderator: unadrift, tacittype
Founder: unadrift
Type: Index, Fic Finding, Reccing, Fic Crossposting
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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SGA Episodefic (Stargate Atlantis Episode-Related Fanfic: Post it! Rec it! Find it!) is a LiveJournal community created for fans to post or recommend episode-related Stargate Atlantis fanfic.

From the comm profile:

The ultimate goal of this community is to provide a place where you can find a great variety of Stargate Atlantis fanfic related to your episode of choice, simply by clicking on an episode tag.

You can post your episode-related story (or a link to it) here, or you can recommend something you enjoyed, tagging it with an episode-specific tag. May your contribution be gen, het, or slash; all pairings and ratings will be accepted, cross-posting allowed. Please feel encouraged to come forward with everything you've got up your sleeve, no matter how recent or old, how long or short. If you know of a podfic version, you can also include a link to that.

What do you mean, episode-related?
The line is blurry between the simple mention of a certain episode and a direct relation of said episode to the plot of a fanfic. So, where to draw the line?

Ask yourself: Would I understand this fic if I didn't know the episode? If the answer to that question is no, then your fic is episode-related. This is still somewhat vague, but it's really the best indicator.
Those who post to the comm are requested to avoid including spoilers for episodes in their posts.[1]


  1. "Please do not mention any episode spoilers in your entry. Yes, spoilers for the episode your fic is related to are pretty much a given, but no one should be spoilt merely by reading the rec/fic entry." From the comm profile. (Accessed 13 Jan 2012)