Rumour Has It (Star Trek: TOS story by Dana Austin Marsh)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: “Rumour Has It”
Author(s): Dana Austin Marsh
Date(s): print zine-1995;K/S Archive-(04/2009)
Length: print zine-23 pg,K/S Archive- 12,603
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: The Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive

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“Rumour Has It” is a Kirk/Spock story by Dana Austin Marsh.

It was published in the print zine Matter/Antimatter #11 (01/1995) and online in April 2009.


Author's Summary: “Kirk and Spock decide to use the rumor that they are lovers to discourage crew members from making a play for either of them.”

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

An Everyone Thinks We're Doing It and (Not So) Fake Relationship fic. I don't usually like having both POVs, but this one is really funny as well as hot. Gossipy crew and oblivious!K/S are to die for. [1]
Tired of having crew members throwing themselves at them, Kirk ropes in Spock with a plan to make the crew believe they are involved together. This is blissful torture for Spock who is for briefly allowed to act on the feelings he can never admit. But the crew seems puzzlingly blind to their “slips” and as they are “forced” to do more and more intimate things in public, Kirk gets into the “game” more than he'd have thought.... Funny and full of sexy little moments. [2]


When I read this title in the Table of Contents, I thought, I know this story. But it was misleading: there exists a story “Rumor Has It” by Devery Helm also! Apart from that the only thing they have in common is that I love them both! D.A. Marsh’s story is really great, written with such a good sense of humor! E.g. that scene on the bridge was gorgeous, when Spock considered his possibilities logically: “If sex were the goal in mind, Spock saw no reason not to simply state as much from the beginning. Walking up to Jim and asking him if he wished to have sex would certainly provide the crew with a definite clue.” Please imagine this!!!!! Another favorite scene is the training of the kiss (p. 144-145). Terrific! [3]


This is what made me start to read TOS as a way of life, and it's also the one I would recommend reading before all others. It keeps the characterizations and the feel of TOS while being written with a modern kind of feel, like you're reading reboot fic. The story itself is fun, romantic, and with just the right amount of silly hijinks. It's a staple, it's my favorite TOS fic, and I've read it a million times. [4]


This fic is adorable and incredibly fun. Kirk and Spock's efforts are hilarious--it turns out it's hard to pretend to be having an affair AND pretend to be trying to conceal it--and as for the rest of the crew's reactions, well. Read it and laugh. XD [5]


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